The Top 9 Antioxidant Foods For Preventing Cancer

Antioxidant foods are the magic bullet we’ve all been looking for in preventing cancer. Here are some antioxidant foods that help in preventing cancer.

The Deadly Effects Of Heat: How Harmful Can The Heat Be To Your Health And Heart?

Did you know you can actually get very sick from the heat? Thousands of people suffer from heat exhaustion and heat rash every year during the summer.

What If The Healing Process Goes Wrong? 10 Worst Mistakes Made In Medical Institutions

Although those who are in the medical profession take every step that they can to ensure that errors are not committed within the four walls of the hospital – some mistakes are still committed due to one reason or another.

What Exactly is Seasonal Affective Disorder And Is it Really Recognized as a Disorder in The Medical Community?

Seasonal affective disorder is described as a regular relationship between major depressive episodes and a particular season of the year.

Top 10 Threats To Men’s Health: Why Prevention Is Better Than Cure

No matter how much of a cliché it may sound, the maxim that prevention is better than cure applies, especially when it comes to men’s health. Look at the top 10 leading causes of deaths in males in the U.S.

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  • remedies for treating rocasea

    Home Remedies for Treating Rocasea

    Rocasea is a skin disease, particularly occurring on your face that starts with redness. Also, known as acne rocasea, it is seen on cheeks and nose along with firm red nodules resembling acne. Some symptoms of this problem are burning ...
  • treatment for eye twitching

    Know How to Stop Twitching Eyes and its Treatment

    Everyone has probably experienced this annoying non-stop flickering eyelid sensation; its involuntary and quite disturbing. It can continue for several hours or can stop after a few flickers. Also known as myokymia, eye twitching is nothing but uncontrolled and continuous ...
  • clean your skin regularly

    How to Get Supple, Healthy and Oh-So Gorgeous Skin in Summers

    Summer is probably one of the worst seasons of the year for the skin.  The extreme sun light consisting of UV rays can leave the skin damaged, wrinkled and so tanned. It is true that summers tempt us to go ...
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  • need to know about buruli ulcer

    All You Need to Know about Buruli Ulcer

    What is Buruli Ulcer? Buruli ulcer is also known as Bairnsdale ulcer or Daintree ulcer or Mossman ulcer, or even Searl ulcer. It is a chronic skin disease and involves the soft tissue. The disease starts as a painless subcutaneous nodule, and over a period of time (usually a couple of weeks or even a […]

  • medical knowhow on goodpasture's syndrome

    Medical Knowhow On Goodpasture’s Syndrome

    What is Goodpasture’s Syndrome? Goodpasture’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disease that affects your lungs and kidneys and this disease is quite uncommon and risky. Normally your immune system protects the body from infection; but when you are suffering from this disease; your immune system attacks healthy parts of the body invariably. The fastest damage probabilities […]

  • erectile-dysfunction

    The science behind ED

    Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem. It is estimated that around half of all men aged between 40 and 70 have it to some degree. Meanwhile, a considerable number of younger people experience ED too. Fortunately, there are now effective treatments on offer that can help men to overcome the condition. Medicines such as […]

  • home remedies to treat warts

    Useful Home Remedies to Treat Warts

    A wart is a local growth on skin, rough and small in size that resembles a solid blister or cauliflower. Usually warts are seen on hands and feet; however the growths can also be on other parts of the body. The cause of warts is a viral infection, specifically the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are […]

  • common diet myths and the facts

    4 Most Common Diet Myths And The Facts

    Today everybody is clinched towards being slim and fit and hence opted the process of dieting but you must keep in mind that there are wide numbers of diet myths that can adversely affect your body and cause harm to it. Therefore to be aware from these here you are being guided with some myths […]

  • corneal abrasion

    Corneal Abrasion – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

    When the eye’s cornea gets scratched, its known as corneal abrasion. The cornea is one of the most important parts of the eyes and is a clear, protective lining just above the iris, which is the colored black / brown portion of the eye, and the pupil. Corneal abrasions are usually not very serious and […]

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