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Have You Got Your Swine Flu Vaccine?

Have You Got Your Swine Flu Vaccine?

It is advisable to get one’s Swine flu shots as soon as possible; this is a government recommendation on the official flu site. In particular it is recommended that pregnant women and others at risk such as immune compromised individuals should get Swine flu shots as soon as they are available in the community. However, […]

cervical cancer vaccine

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Probably No Good For Older Women

The much talked about ‘vaccine for cervical cancer’ which is actually a vaccine to prevent infection of the Human Papilloma virus or HPV may now have limited efficacy. According to a new study, women over the age of 40 are not likely to benefit very much from the HPV vaccine, which reduces cervical cancer risk. […]

Blue Bloater And Pink Puffer

Blue Bloater And Pink Puffer

These are commonly used terms for the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease which is characterized by two categories of sufferers who may either be the pink puffers or the blue bloaters. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease or COPD is a disease of the lungs that mainly afflicts smokers. The Blue and Bloated Syndrome is most typically associated […]

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medical Weight Loss Procedures

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medical Weight Loss Procedures

Medical weight loss procedures are just one of the many options that people consider when the topic about having a fit body emerges. As you may have noticed, these types of weight loss options have been powered by the advancement in science and technology. And just like any other quick way to shed off fats, […]

laughter yoga

Laughter Yoga And How It Can Help

For many a term like laughter yoga sounds like a bunch of new age mumbo jumbo. But pause a while and consider the fact that laughter has always been considered the best medicine, and besides laughing just makes one feel so good! So really there is no reason at all not to explore the option […]

Worst Mistakes Made In Medical Institutions

What If The Healing Process Goes Wrong? 10 Worst Mistakes Made In Medical Institutions

Although those who are in the medical profession take every step that they can to ensure that errors are not committed within the four walls of the hospital – some mistakes are still committed due to one reason or another.


Hospitals Hazardous To Health?

Many of us find hospitals off putting; they give us the creeps. And it is not just that a lot of us don’t like the antiseptic sights and smells of a hospital, many of us have their worst experiences and memories inextricably linked with hospitals. And now according to this study, there are other reasons […]

shark cartilage

Shark Cartilage For Arthritis And Cancer?

The cartilage, which is what the skeleton of a shark is made up of, is processed to produce a supplement that is thought to have various different curative/preventive uses. This post points out the possible uses of shark cartilage to check cancer as well as arthritis. This is how it could be seen to help: […]

Fish - How To Make Sure You Get The Best Out Of It?

Fish – How To Make Sure You Get The Best Out Of It?

Though the popular adage is An Apple a day keeps the doctor away; it would not be at all incorrect to say that Fish a few times every week will do the same in keeping a way from the man in the white coat. A number of health benefits accrue from fish consumption, which includes […]

Prolapse Problems In Men

Prolapse Problems In Men

A prolapse literally means to fall out of place, and is indicative of an organ of the human anatomy that has done so or slipped out of its position. Prolapse can be of various different organs, such as the uterus, rectum, bladder etc. Prolapse is a condition that is far more common among women, and […]