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What Is Pink Eye And What Is The Treatment Available?

The common eye condition called conjunctivitis is usually referred to as Pink eye. It is a condition that is seen among some pets and domestic animals too; however it is most noticeable among humans since there is a large visible white area in the human eyes. Pink eye is actually the inflammation of the conjunctiva, […]

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Diabetics Beware Of Surgery

Recent research has suggested that those cancer sufferers who have type 2 diabetes are 50% more likely to die in a month following surgery related to the cancer. In particular, it was those diabetics who had esophageal cancers and colorectal cancers that were seen to be most at risk according to John Hopkins researchers. Co-author […]

Importance Of Reading Labels

Importance Of Reading Labels

“Read everything” may be a mantra that lawyers live their lives by, and in fact whole cases may pivot upon the fine print; however when it comes to labels, the proper reading mantra is an important one  for all of us to follow. Whether it is the pharmacy or the super market it is essential […]


Facebook And Syphilis? What’s The Connection?

A seemingly outrageous suggestion has recently been made about the popular social networking site Facebook and its possible impact on the rates of sexually transmitted disease in parts of the United Kingdom. The charge is that in those parts of the country that Facebook is 25% more popular (Sunderland, Durham and Teesside) than others, a […]

Why Do My Knees Creak? I Am Only 35!

Why Do My Knees Creak? I Am Only 35!

If your knees make this awful din whenever you squat down or crouch, and again as you are coming back up to standing position; rather like a packet of rice crisps, like a series of cracking or popping sounds, then you have probably wondered what on earth the matter with you is! You are an […]

Fatty Liver - What Are The Causes And Symptoms?

Fatty Liver – What Are The Causes And Symptoms?

Fatty liver is a condition that occurs when there is an accumulation of fat cells in the liver. Fatty liver is also called steatosis. This condition has large vacuoles of triglyceride fat that accumulates in the liver. The chief causes for fatty liver are alcohol consumption, obesity and other problems associated with fat metabolism. Fatty […]

Do All Breast Lumps Mean Breast Cancer? Understanding Breast Changes?

Do All Breast Lumps Mean Breast Cancer? Understanding Breast Changes?

Breast lumps have a bad reputation to say the least. They instantly invoke fears of deadly disease, of long sessions of chemo ending in debility and hair loss, or surgery and excruciating pain. However, not every woman who has a breast lump detected needs to fear the worst. Many breast lumps are benign and could […]


The Health Care Bill Is Passed – What Does It Mean For You?

As the health care reform bill finally was passed it is natural to wonder how it impacts the average American. According to the White House Website, For those that have insurance through work, will have their plan strengthened and there will be added protection from insurance provider abuse. There will be no need to change […]

Most Common Work Related Diseases

Most Common Work Related Diseases

There are certain injuries, diseases and problems that are work related. The most common work related diseases are: Occupational asthma is the most common work related lung disease in the western world. A person may have wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing with asthma caused by work in a particular environment. Dust, pollen, […]

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Ways To Ease Back Pain – Out Of The Box Solutions

Paying attention to one’s posture can be a very effective means to control and even lessen back pain. Here several out of the box solutions suggest themselves: The Egoscue seeks to go to the root cause of the back pain and are a series of exercises that try to correct the problem using posture and […]