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particle pollution

Americans Breathing Unclean Air

As many as 60% Americans or 175 million individuals stay in places where pollution levels touch “Dangerous Levels”. This was stated by a report made by the American Lung Association. If you live in Los Angeles you are likely to suffer the nation’s worst ozone pollution, it is reported. Though over all particle pollution has […]

Mind Games For Memory Improvement

Mind Games For Memory Improvement

With our brains, it is the simple matter of what you don’t use, you lose. To maintain good brain health it is necessary to stretch it, and constantly challenge it in new ways to make sure that it remains alert and able. Do crosswords, Sudoku and other puzzles. This sort of mental activity is constantly […]

Road Rage - Why It Is Bad For You And Tips To Avoid It

Road Rage – Why It Is Bad For You And Tips To Avoid It

It is estimated that as many as half the drivers in America display road rage; that is how common it is. If you have ever shaken your fist at another road user in anger, or been part of tailgating and gesturing to others on the road or weaving in and out of traffic you have […]


Why Is Kissing Good For You?

April 28th was supposed to have been ‘Kiss your Mate day’ which appears to be associated with the celebration of Fordicida – the budding flowers of Spring in Rome. Kissing is not just a delight for the sense, but it involves the most sensitive parts of the body, the lips and the tongue, and it […]

drinking alcohol

Bad Habits Can Really Age You, Say Researchers

It is possible to fall into bad habits over the years, such as a sedentary life, poor quality diet, smoking and excessive drinking over the years. These bad habits can have a cumulative impact on a person’s health that may age a person prematurely by as much as 12 years according to a recent study. […]


Are You A Smoker? It Could Be Your Genes!

If you are a smoker and find it difficult if not impossible to quit, chances are your genetic makeup could be responsible, a recent study has revealed. The study also revealed how the smoker’s lung cancer risk was impacted by their genes. The DNA of over 140,000 people; smokers and nonsmokers were examined to arrive […]

Male PMS - Is There Such A Thing?

Male PMS – Is There Such A Thing?

To begin with this sounds like a contradiction of terms, because quite simply men do not menstruate, so how can they undergo pre-menstrual stress! But, in fact there is a condition that is colloquially termed as male PMS, which is also known as the Irritable Male Syndrome. This a condition that men suffer from and […]

sexual health

America Clueless About Sexual Health?

The rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United States as well as surveys conducted would indicate that young people are not very aware of how STIs or STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) spread. Teens and young people in their twenties are not very aware of means to prevent pregnancy either it would seem. According […]

What Are Triglycerides And Why You Need To Keep Them In Check?

What Are Triglycerides And Why You Need To Keep Them In Check?

Triglycerides are the most common kind of fat found in the human blood, and are one of the sources of energy in the body. What we eat is either used up to produce energy for the body to function or otherwise it is stored in the form fat that is made out of triglycerides. Those […]


6 Eating Rules For Good Health

Exercising can make you feel hungrier and make you eat more. This can be counterproductive for those that are trying to maintain a healthy body weight. Use these tips to counter this problem: Eat at least 20 grams of fiber every day. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are good sources and keep you feeling fuller […]