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Most Common Diaper Rash Treatment Mistakes

Most Common Diaper Rash Treatment Mistakes

We all know that babies have very sensitive skin which is prone to irritation like diaper rash. Their skin is easily irritated that using the wrong kind of products can already cause great damage like itchy rashes. As a parent, it is your responsibility to protect your child from skin problems like diaper rash. The […]

Near Death Experiences May Be A ‘Cascade’ Of Brain Activity

Near Death Experiences May Be A ‘Cascade’ Of Brain Activity

Near Death experiences or spiritual experiences who have ‘retuned’ to life after staring death in the face, can be attributed to a surge of electrical activity in the brain, researchers have claimed. That out of body experiences of feeling as though one was floating over their own body, and the experience of seeing a shining […]


Why Exercise Is The Single Best Health Intervention Ever?

If there is one ‘medicine’ that can help with living longer, help with diabetes and dementia, improve brain function and cardiovascular function as well as blood vessel function, and decrease depression as well, it is exercise. Whether it is improving performance or fighting disease, it is exercise that is the single most important factor for […]

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Pregnancy & HIV: New Risks Reported For Female To Male Transmission

It was once thought that the transmission of HIV from a female to a male was not very likely, although it was possible. However, recent reports suggest that the male’s risk of contracting the terminal illness is actually double than what was thought, but only when the female is pregnant. Study Findings The information, presented […]

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder And What Are The Symptoms To Watch Out For?

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder And What Are The Symptoms To Watch Out For?

As much as 13% of the general population could at some point or other in their life, meet the criteria to be suffering from Social Anxiety disorder according to some experts. This is a disorder wherein sufferers typically display an intense fear of social situations. The distress caused may be so acute that normal social […]


Could Gut Bacteria Be Making You Fat?

There is now some evidence to suggest that one of the components that could contribute to obesity may be something as simple as the way we digest food. What we weigh, could be in part due to the trillions of bacteria that line our intestines. According to researchers, gut bacteria could be responsible for obesity, […]

Safe And Effective Sinus Infection Treatment Options

Safe And Effective Sinus Infection Treatment Options

Millions of people are affected by sinus infection, commonly known as sinusitis. Despite the discovery of antibiotics, research proved that many still suffer from it. However, taking medicines is not the only sinus infection treatment available. There are other options you can rely on which are even more effective and safer to use. In general, […]

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Is Bottled Water Safer Than Tap Water?

It you thought you were doing yourself a favor by buying and drinking bottled water that it was safer than drinking tap water, you would be wrong. According to a new study, in Canada, bottled water contained more bacteria than tap water. First it was the fact that bottled water creates so much plastic waste […]

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Social Well Being Is Part Of Good Health

An interesting question was raised on the KevinMD blog, as to what constitutes good health; what is the definition of the term? The answer was offered by Howard Koh, MD, assistant secretary of health at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), who gave the definition of good health as “Health is a state […]

Dealing With Acne - Oral Medications For Acne Treatment

Dealing With Acne – Oral Medications For Acne Treatment

Whether it is mild, moderate or severe acne that an adult suffers from; whether it is restricted to the face or is found to be present at other places such as the chest and back, or whether it is comedonal or inflammatory acne determines the kind of oral medication that will help solve the problem: […]