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gel for decayed tooth

Gel To Replace Teeth Fillings?

French scientists have developed a gel for decayed teeth that may mean the end of tooth fillings as we know it, this is a substance that works by prompting teeth to start multiplying and restore teeth to their original state. Scientists at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research in Paris tested the melanocyte-stimulating […]

What Is Chlamydia, Its Symptoms And Health Effects

What Is Chlamydia, Its Symptoms And Health Effects

Sexually transmitted diseases are rampant nowadays as young men and women fail to practice safe and responsible sex. Just imagine how the young generation of today is curious about having sex at an early age and doing it with multiple partners. No wonder, they easily acquire sexually transmitted diseases. What is chlamydia? If you’re aware […]

tainted food

Tainted Food May Still Be On Shelves Despite Recalls

According to a new report, it is rather worrying that tainted food may still be on the shelves despite recall and can result in very serious health issues. The write up talks of one Kenneth Maxwell, who became violently ill after consuming recalled pot pies by Banquet, unaware that they had been recalled. He suffered […]

pregnancy loss

Miscarriages Affect Dads Too

The fact that expectant fathers can also bond with their unborn child is not a very well recognized one, however, a new study is now suggesting that miscarriages affect men as well. It was found that men also can feel feeling s of sadness, loss, and helplessness when there is a pregnancy loss, though it […]

low back pain

Talk Therapy May Relieve Your Low Back Pain

I am sure everyone would agree that low back pain is one of the most common and chronic diseases that affect almost every adult at some point in time. Americans alone were estimated to spend $50 billion per year for treatment and management according to the National Institute of Health. And since this is one […]

Parkinson’s Symptoms: Signs To Watch Out For

Parkinson’s Symptoms: Signs To Watch Out For

How can you tell if a person has Parkinsons? What are its symptoms? Can you control them? Well, if you know someone who has it, then it is definitely not the end of the world for them. Look at Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali. Both have parkinsons and surprisingly they are enjoying every bit […]

rheumatoid arthritis

The Ghost In Rheumatoid Arthritis

Are you or anyone you know, a family member, loved one or friend suffering from rheumatoid arthritis? This could be a very devastating experience for you and your family, as this illness takes a lot of courage to deal with because of the severe pain caused by the swollen and stiff joints from the hands, […]

Effective Diet Plan For Diabetics

Effective Diet Plan For Diabetics

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) affects a lot of people due to genetic predisposition and unhealthy lifestyle. Whatever type your diabetes is, diet plays an important role in its management. There is no definite and perfect diet plan but there are pointers you can remember to help you control your blood glucose (or blood sugar) and here […]


Common Treatment For Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a viral disease that can affect people from all ages from different walks of life. It’s a killer disease that can be easily transmitted and works by causing inflammations in your liver. If you’re a health conscious individual, knowing the ideal treatment for hepatitis can save you from severe hepatitis. When a patient […]

HIV Window Period - The Best Way To Detect HIV

HIV Window Period – The Best Way To Detect HIV

Many people jump to the wrong conclusions when they experience symptoms of acquiring HIV. What they don’t know is, you simply can’t detect it based on its symptoms. You have to undergo tests and knowing your HIV window period is the best way to detect whether you have it or not. The HIV window period […]