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walking in lunch hour

Here’s An Idea – Walk In Your Lunch Hour

For all those of us who are too pressed for time, are too overworked and stressed to find the time to exercise, here is a suggestion – use that lunch hour at work and put it to good use by working out. Think about it – what is the healthier option? Sitting at your desk, […]

treatment for low back pain

Exercises And Treatment For People With Low Back Pain Problems

Low back pain (LBP) is a chronic musculoskeletal illness that affects most people at a certain point in life. It is classified into three categories according to the onset and duration of symptoms: acute (less than 4 weeks), sub-acute (4-12 weeks) or chronic (more than 12 weeks). LBP may have been some sort of disability […]

migraine risk

Migraine Gene Identified

If you suffer from migraines, then there may be a genetic reason for this, according to new research. According to a new study, a certain variation of chromosome 8 is connected with increased migraine risk. It was long debated whether migraines have an inheritable or genetic component, and now the genetic link is seen to […]

Five Finger Shoes – Good For Health?

Five Finger Shoes – Good For Health?

Five Finger Shoes look something like gloves for the feet and at first sight look strange; making you wonder if they’re really any good or even comfortable to wear. This is a flexible shoe that conforms to the contours and shape of the human foot. It is a barefoot alternative shoe, which was originally designed […]


Foods To Avoid And Foods To Eat If You Have Heartburn

The stress of modern day living can turn your supposedly fine day into a nightmare. You thought just by grabbing a quick lunch and eating it on time can fix your hyper-acidity and acid reflux? Then you thought otherwise when it got even worse?! Is there really something that you can do to deal with […]

crohn’s disease treatment

Crohn’s Disease Treatment – Prevention Rather Than Cure

Have you heard of Crohn’s disease? It has rocked the medical world since specialists can’t exactly pinpoint its causes. What they only know is that it roots from genetics and poor lifestyle. This condition results from inflammation in the intestines. Even today, Crohn’s disease treatment is still a mystery but there are ways on how […]

chronic fatigue syndrome

Virus Linked To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the condition that can cause deep exhaustion can interfere with daily activities and manifest itself in several other ways, has been linked to a virus. According to a study, it is the Murine leukemia viruses (MLV), a family of retroviruses known to cause cancer in mice that could be responsible. According to […]

electronic cigarette

Is The Electronic Cigarette Safe?

Are you a cigarette smoker? The electronic cigarette found everywhere on online stores, malls, and even kiosks may be good news for you, but the important question is, is it safe? The electronic cigarettes actually look like the authentic ones at first glance, it is colored white with a brown filter and its tip glows […]

cousin marriages

Why Marrying A Cousin Is Such A Bad Idea?

This is not a topic that is discussed too often – marrying one’s own first cousin; yet there are dozens of scientific studies that point to the fact that babies born from the union of first cousins are far more likely to be born with birth defects. Babies born from first cousin marriages are 10 […]

Fusarium Infection – What Is It?

Fusarium Infection – What Is It?

If you have heard of fusariam, a fungal infection, chances are you have heard of it in the horticultural context. In a number of vegetable plants and shrubs, even some flowering plants, this infection can cause the leaves to become discolored and die. However this is not the only reason to be concerned; fusarium is […]