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high dose of antioxidants may harm your body

High Doses Of Antioxidants Can Be Harmful To Your Body

Antioxidants are still selling like hotcakes worldwide, but have you ever wondered if they are really as valuable as the manufacturers claim? Is there no negative impact in its use? It has become a trend that people think of supplements as natural as the foods where they were taken from. And since they are all […]

pain management

Pain Management Using Touch

A new study by the University of London reported in the Current Biology’s September issue, reveals more about the mechanism of pain. Have you ever noticed how we clutch our hand when it hurts? It is because this touching offers pain relief, the study reveals. In an experimental setting, Professor Haggard and Dr. Marjolein Kammers […]

nature of autism

Understanding The Nature Of Autism Makes Communication More Effective

Autism is a disability that one out of 10 families is faced with today, and the most challenging aspect of dealing with it is the area of communication, which is often the cause of a lot of frustration for parents like you. The best way for you to handle and understand your child with autism […]

h1n1 flu virus

Are We Now Safe From The H1N1 Flu Virus?

After the outbreak in June 2009 of the H1N1 flu virus, news have simmered down to a certain degree; that’s why people might think that the war against this deadly virus is over. But, is it really over yet? The World Health Organization has this to say about it, “There is no EC (emergency committee) […]

deep coma victims

“Deep Coma” Victims To Be Able To Move Around?

In science fiction like prediction made by one of Britain’s top neuroscientist, it could be that people, who are in coma or a persistent vegetative state due to extensive brain damage, may soon be able to talk and even steer a wheel chair. Dr Adrian Owen at Cambridge University has been able to demonstrate some […]

Hypothyroidism Treatment For Fast Relief

Hypothyroidism Treatment For Fast Relief

Do you lack thyroid hormone in your body? If yes, you may be suffering from hypothyroidism. It is not just any disease, it is just as deadly as any form of cancer or transmittable diseases when not given the proper hypothyroidism treatment right away. There are a number of effective forms of hypothyroidism treatment that […]

doctor talking to patient

When Your Doctor Speaks, Do You Really Listen?

New research suggests that what a doctor is actually saying and what a patient hears may actually be two quite different things.  In an ideal scenario the pros and cons of any treatment should be carefully weighed and alternatives considered before deciding on any course of action. This is what constitutes the informed consent process; […]


All You Need To Know About Anti-Phospholipids Antibody Syndrome (APAS)

Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APAS) also known as Hughes syndrome or sticky blood in the UK is a complex disorder that is very unique to every individual affected by it. Many misconceptions surround this disease; some associate it with AIDS, hepatitis, malaria or sexually transmitted diseases. Although people affected by these conditions may indeed have APAS […]


iPhone App For Drug Safety

A popular Smartphone application was a while back, that helped people deal with the H1N1 swine flu pandemic last year, and now another one has developed an app for iPhone about drug safety. Medwatcher is a free iPhone app that gives you the latest news about government safety alerts about medications. This also enables you […]

Folliculitis Treatment - 7 Ways To Treat Folliculitis Away

Folliculitis Treatment – 7 Ways To Treat Folliculitis Away

If you think the dermis is the only part of the skin prone to diseases, think again. To tell you frankly, hair follicles found on your skin are just as sensitive. Have you noticed small red bumps on your hair follicle? Folliculitis can appear on any part of the body such as chest, back, arms, […]