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homeopathic hcg

The Truth About Homeopathic HCG And Its Real Benefits

Homeopathic HCG diet has been gaining advanced popularity than HCG injection and IV HCG, but is it as effective as the original HCG preparations? What is homeopathic HCG’s benefit compared with other HCG preparations that make it attract more attention and following among weight reduction fanatics? Homeopathic HCG makes use of the same principles of […]

male breast reduction surgery

Male Breast Reduction Surgery on the Rise

Men are becoming more and more aware of the phenomenon of man boobs or ‘moobs’ and the number of male breast reduction surgeries is growing all the time. Among British men, male breast reduction operations are the second most common cosmetic procedure among men, with nose jobs being the commonest. There has been a 28% increase in […]


Food Sprinkle that May Stop You Overeating

A California based company called SENSA, has come up with a new product that could help youstop overeating and aid you in your quest for weight loss.  It is a food sprinkle that will tell the brain to stop overeating. We humans have evolved in a way that we are designed to overeat – in the […]


Crying for healing? How Crying Helps

We have cried since our childhoods and perhaps also noticed that as it made us feel better then. It also makes us feel better now, even though we are told that as adults we must control such childish behavior. Studies have demonstrated that crying is good for us; that those who cry frequently enjoy better […]

free drug rehab

Getting A Free Drug Rehab Without An Insurance Policy

Free drug rehab is the answer to the growing problem of drug and substance abuse; this also resolves the issue of surmounting expenses in alcohol and drug treatment centers that reach as high as $10,000 for just a 28-day stay. But finding the right one takes a little extra effort for you to end up […]

brain supplements

Compilation Of The Best Brain Supplements That Really Work

Brain supplements are supposed to improve the cognitive functions of the brain like memory, perception, reasoning, emotion, thinking skills and many others. Brain supplements have taken much media attention because of every individual’s desire to maintain sharp mental functions even with advancing age. But, what brain supplements really work in terms of improving the brain’s […]

toe fungus treatment

Toe Fungus Treatment – Home Remedies You Can Try Yourself

The common nail infection of Toe fungus or Onychomycosis may affect up to 8% of the adult population characterized by yellow, thick or cloudy appearance of the nails. It can affect the nails both the hands and the feet. Before initiating toe fungus treatment, it is important to confirm that the problem is indeed caused […]

hangover cure

Best Antidote to Hangover Is Coffee and an Aspirin

If you are wondering which one of a traditional fry up, that disgusting raw egg combination or a Bloody Mary is the best hang over remedy, well, it’s none of these. The best antidote to the morning after the night before is what we have always suspected – a coffee and an aspirin! Though we […]

dementia stages

The 7 Dementia Stages And What They Mean

Various problems relating to language, problem solving, judgment, attention and memory can be caused by Dementia, term used to describe a number of different cognitive illnesses. The different Dementia stages are characterized by symptoms of progressive cognitive and other decline and may generally advance in the following manner. As per the 7 Dementia stages: 1. […]

drinking coffee

Drinking Coffee Could Help Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles are of the view that coffee can help cut type 2 diabetes risk, and explain why this is so. The plasma levels of a protein known as the sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBG are known to increase due to coffee intake. SHBG is in charge of […]