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foot ulcers in diabetics

How to Prevent Foot Ulcers in Diabetics?

Normally, foot ulcers are lesions that include loss of epithelium and can extend into the dermis and deeper layers, sometimes to the bones and muscles. Foot ulcers in diabetics are mainly due to neurologic and vascular complications. Diabetics with abnormally high blood sugar levels are at a greater risk of foot ulcers. Foot ulcers are […]


Medicinal Beer? How’s That?

If settling down with a beer is your typical method for unwinding, you may not be far wrong. A recent finding by anthropologists has suggested that the ancient Nubians were using beer as an antibiotic that could help redress ailments as diverse as infected wounds and gum disease. So perhaps it wasn’t just a stress beater, beer in […]


Sleep and Home Temperature Could Impact Obesity

Research is constantly being done into reigning in the obesity epidemic and more and more new factors that impact weight keep coming to light – environmental factors such as not only one’s diet but also others’ such as one’s home temperature could be responsible for impacting weight. Researchers are not suggesting that if you turn down […]

epilepsy in children

Epilepsy in Children: A Most Common Seizure Disorder

Is your child experiencing recurrent seizures? This condition is epilepsy, a condition of abnormal brain activity. There are about 40 types of seizures that fall into two categories. Generalized seizures: They can affect the whole brain and include infantile spasms, absence and tonic-clonic seizures. Absence seizures occur when your child appears to be day dreaming. […]


The Connection Between Mobile Phone Use and Brain Activity

or a while now, they have been warning us about the possible carcinogenic impacts of cell phone use, and now a study performed by Swedish scientists and those at the University of Washington, is showing that use of mobile phones increases brain activity. High tech scans were used to get images of brain activity and to keep […]

digital rectal exam

Digital Rectal Exam for Detecting Pelvic Abnormalities!

Digital rectal exam is a test procedure performed to check for problems with organs and various other structures in your pelvic region and lower belly. This screening procedure helps to detect prostate and rectal cancer. Often, this test is referred to as prostate or rectal exam. During the test procedure, your practitioner gently places a […]

cause of DiGeorge syndrome

What is the cause of Digeorge Syndrome?

DiGeorge syndrome is a congenital disorder i.e. due to the problems within a developing embryo. This condition is caused due to chromosomal deficiency. DiGeorge syndrome can also be called as velocardiofacial syndrome. The problems associated with this condition include cardiac defects, cleft palate, and abnormal facial features. Some other problems include immune system defects and […]


Immigrants Live Longer than Native Born Americans – How Come?

The Health Blog of Time Magazine asks and interesting question – how is it that immigrants live longer that people born in America? Statistically, those born in America are more likely to be wealthy, better educated and have better access to medical facilities, ergo they should live longer. Immigrants would be less likely to be well off […]


Chocolate Anyone, This Valentine’s Day?

It may be the done thing, and one may just follow decades of tradition, to gift something sweet to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, but if it is the right kind of chocolate, then it could actually be good for you! Here is why chocolate could be good for you and your Valentine, this February 14th – […]

cardiac catheterization procedure

Cardiac Catheterization Procedure to Check Heart Pumping Ability!

Cardiac catheterization, a common diagnostic procedure is done to examine the flow of blood to the heart and test how well the heart is pumping. It is an invasive imaging procedure, in which a long, narrow tube called as catheter is inserted into the blood vessel in the leg or arm and directed to the […]