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Lymph Node Infection May Cause Lymphadenitis

Lymphatic system, which is part of our body’s immune system, is prone to several infections or diseases. One such condition is the lymph node infection. It is the inflammation of lymph nodes mostly due to a bacterial infection of a wound. But, it can also be due to bacteria, viruses, protozoa, rickettsiae, fungi and other disease […]


Treatment Options for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a neurological disease that affects movements of the body. It usually develops gradually. People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease may initially notice a slight tremor in the hand at first. These tremors can ultimately develop into uncontrolled shaking of the body. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, over 500,000 people in […]


Immotile Cilia Syndrome Greatly Affects Ciliary Motion

Immotile cilia syndrome is a chronic lung disease that occurs when cilia are unable to move. This condition is a rare genetic birth defect. People with this condition have irregular or deficient ciliary motion. It is also called as Kartagener’s Syndrome, Afzelius’ syndrome, Kartagener’s triad, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, Zivert-Kartagener triad and Zivert’s syndrome. Genetic defects in the structure […]


Microscopic Hematuria: Are You Concerned About Blood In The Urine?

Sometimes when you go for routine checkup to your doctor, he may ask you to give urine sample. Then the doctor checks for pH of urine and also for the existence of some other compounds likeblood in urine. It is more common to have blood in urine and have the urine look normal in appearance. […]


Treating and Dealing with Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis is a fairly common skin disease and affects up to four percent of Americans. This chronic condition usually appears in the skin as cracked, red and white scaly patches. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that manifests, when your immune system sends out incorrect signals. These faulty signals speed up the growth cycle of skin cells. […]


Electric Current Therapy for Depression – Minimally Invasive Approach

Depression is a common problem faced by individuals that can have very negative impacts upon a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings and can seriously lower quality of life. Depression(Signs Of Depression) is characterized by feelings of anxiety, sadness, irritability, emptiness, feelings of low self worth, difficulty concentrating and remembering and even physical problems such as weight […]


Orthorexia Nervosa Obsesses Healthy or Righteous Eating

Orthorexia nervosa is a type of eating disorder i.e. characterized by excessive focus on eating healthy foods. In very rare cases, this focus can turn into a fixation so extreme that it can lead to severe malnutrition or even death. Orthorexia is similar to anorexia nervosa, but it has some significant differences. Maintaining anobsession with healthy […]


Correcting Nearsightedness with Radial Keratotomy

Radial Keratotomy is the most common procedure used for treating nearsightedness. The procedure includes making small cuts in your cornea that flatten it and decrease nearsightedness. But in people with nearsightedness and astigmatism, the surgeon makes extra cuts to flatten the distorted element of the cornea, which cause astigmatism. The result of surgery on one eye […]


Osteoporosis Exercises and How to Prevent It

Osteoporosis affects over 20 million Americans. Women are four times more likely to develop osteoporosis than men. This disease causes a person’s bones to become weak and brittle. Sometimes, the bones become so fragile that they can break during normal daily activity. Osteoporosis develops over several years, and the disease typically doesn’t exhibit symptoms during the […]


Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Seriously Affects the Jaw Joints

Are you feeling pain in the ear and feeling like grinding and chewing all the time? Then it is the time to go and get checkup as it is a sign of temporomandibular joint disorder. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a part of your body that is located directly at the front of ear on either side […]