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Snoring and Sleep Apnea; Insomnia and Narcolepsy – What’s the Difference

If you tend to dismiss sleep apnea as ‘mere snoring’ you would be deluding yourself. Snoring can be annoying and irritating to others, however it is only one of the warning signs of sleep apnea. Similarly one could say that narcolepsy is about the same as insomnia but that would be misguided as well. Let […]


Shoulder Joint Pain: Prevention and Therapies

Shoulder joint pain is one of the most common complaints that people make. Specifically, people who engage in high-impact, extreme sports and strenuous activities are the ones who are more predisposed to shoulder joint pain. The pain on the shoulder joints is actually caused by several factors and conditions. In order to identify the right and proper […]


What Is a Virus and What Is a Bacterium? What’s the difference?

We know that we can be subject to a viral infection or a bacterial infection and also that the methods of treating either are quite different. For instance antibiotics are no good for treating a viral infection. However it is difficult for the lay person to understand what exactly the difference between virus and bacteria […]

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Oral Herpes Symptoms and Treatment

Oral Herpes usually occurs as an infection in the mouth, gums, lips and oral mucosa. The causative organism of oral herpes is the Herpes Simplex Virus or HSV. Basically, the oral herpes symptoms include the formation of painful sores which could even extend to the face and neck of the affected individuals. The two types […]


What Is a Macrobiotic Diet and How Is It Good for You?

A macrobiotic diet is one that places greatest reliance on eating grains supplemented by local and seasonal vegetable produce. One of the main principles of a macrobiotic diet is the avoidance of most animal products as well as refined or processed foods. Not only that, macrobiotics also provides guidelines about limiting food portions and chewing […]

How to Get Rid of Gingivitis Fast

How to Get Rid of Gingivitis Fast

Gingivitis is a dental condition wherein the gums become swollen or inflamed due to several reasons. Plaque and tartar build up are some of the causes of this condition. Aside from these, there are also several factors to consider in identifying the causes of gingivitis. One of the most common factors that predispose a person to […]


What Is the Heart Attack Saliva Test?

A heart attack can be a complex and difficult thing to diagnose as well as control and treat. However one of the effective methods of detecting a heart attack and also identifying any false alarms may be the Heart Attack Saliva or Spit Test. Simply put the spit or saliva test will help to quickly identify […]


Glaucoma Eye Disease: Laser and Surgical Approaches

Glaucoma eye disease is a condition wherein the optic nerve is gradually damaged or loses its function due to several causes. The optic nerve is the major nerve of vision. Basically, this nerve receives light-generated impulses from the retina and transmits it to the brain. The brain then converts these impulses into our perception of […]


Anger Management Tips

We recently spoke about the importance of anger management due to the problems that anger can cause not only for health but also for interpersonal relationships. Yet anger can be difficult to manage – do you express it or do you hold on to it? And how does each option affect you and those around […]