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Celebrities and Their Magical Way of Getting Rid of Stretchmarks

There are a lot of celebrities, who are known to have had stretch marks, and still if we take a look at them today they look amazing. So how do they do it? Everything seems to be working like magic for celebrities, but you should know that behind this magic, there are numerous different kinds […]


3 Classic Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease wherein the body is not producing insulin as per its needs. It could be producing less than the needed insulin or none at all in which case the patient would be taking insulin medication. This makes it difficult to control the level of blood sugar in the body, and […]

Lymph Nodes

What Are Lymph Nodes and What Is Their Function?

We often come across the term lymph nodes, particularly in connection with cancers, their progress and their spread. Yet the lymph nodes are not something that we know much else about. As we know the location, approximate appearance and function of the other organs of the body such as the heart, the liver, and kidneys, […]

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan

Amongst the many complications that a pregnant woman may face, one is gestational diabetes. Diet plan for a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes would vary from that of a normal person with diabetes. While it is enough for a normal patient of diabetes to control the blood sugar levels through a monitored diet and enough […]

Excessive Gas

Excessive Gas? Why This Happens?

Wind, gas, flatulence; call it what you want; passing noisy and/or smelly gas by way of the anus is not only embarrassing socially but may also be something that one hesitates to get help with. After all gas isn’t something that one wants to discuss with anyone; even a doctor! The fact is that all […]

How to Boost Your Immune System

How to Boost Your Immune System

You immune system has the unenviable task of defending your body against disease causing micro organisms called pathogens. Unfortunately this means that the immune system is fighting a constant and never ending battle against pathogens. To avoid falling ill you need to boost your immune system to give your body a fighting chance against external […]

Egg Whites

Egg Whites an Effective Remedy for Burns – Myth or Fact?

Of the many supposed ‘miracle’ remedies that tend to circulate over the internet from time of time, is the one about using egg whites for burns. Many of us are likely to have received an email about a man checking a pesticide barrel and getting engulfed in flames who was then treated by his neighbor […]

Heart Desease

How to Prevent Heart Disease by Living Healthy

For those of us with a genetic history of weak hearts it is essential to know how to prevent heart disease. While the heart is a trooper, which can handle almost all the abuse that you give it, it is also subject to wear and tear as it ages. The younger the heart the faster […]


The Many Reasons Why Yogurt Is Good for Us

We call it yoghurt, yogurt, curd and so on, a dairy product made from the fermentation of milk by the addition of certain bacteria. Yogurt has long been a staple item of consumption the world over not only for its culinary versatility, but also because of its nutritional benefits and the fact that it can […]

The Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening Surgery

The Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening Surgery

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures of cosmetic dentistry, and the truth is that there are very few reasons not to have such procedures because they are said to whiten your teeth without any hazards on your overall health. Nonetheless before you actually go and do something to your teeth, you should […]