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Facts About Smoking (Infographic)

Facts About Smoking (Infographic)

Smoking is one habit that slowly blows off your life along with the puffing smoke. Though responsible for a host of diseases like bronchitis, lung cancer, and stroke, yet it is one of such notorious habits that many youngsters are tempted to take up and most of the oldsters are unable to give up. Did […]


What Is Polycythemia and What Are Its Primary Symptoms

High red blood cell count is the primary way to diagnose polycythemia. What is polycythemia in pshysiological terms? A decrease in the volume of plasma in the body, along with an increase in hematocrit, hemoglobin or RBC count is seen in the disorder. Essentially the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow goes […]

Medic Assistance

All About Medic Assistance Scheme

What is Medic Assistance Scheme and what is it good for? Actually the main point of it is to offer help to those practitioners who are investigated or those that might be sanctioned by a regulator. The good thing about it is that it has a panel of specialized lawyers in this field that you […]

Pubic Lice

Pubic Lice: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

One of the most embarrassing conditions that one can have, would be pubic lice – a condition that one instantly connects with poor hygiene and insanitary living conditions. But did you know that having pubic lice is actually a sexually transmitted disease? Pubic lice (also known as crabs or crab louse) are tiny parasitic insects […]

Blood Facts and Statistics (Infographic)

Blood Facts and Statistics (Infographic)

Blood is that vital fluid running through the veins of all of us. Lack of it can take many a life but fortunately, one can donate blood to save others’ life. Here are some of the red hot facts and stats on this fluid synonymous with life.

Childhood Anxiety

Childhood Anxiety Disorder Can Manifest in These 3 Learning Disabilities

There are neurological differences in the way that a child processes information that can limit his or her ability to learn a specific kind of skill. A childhood anxiety disorder can manifest in a number of ways, but it is most easily perceived by a parent or a teacher when it manifests in a learning […]


Patient Confidentiality – What You Should Know

The concept of patient confidentiality that prevents a doctor from divulging health care information about their patients to others has come about for many reasons. However, in today’s age of accessible personal data and details, this is increasingly difficult to do. Firstly if a person is secure in the knowledge that his or her privacy […]

Cholesterol Isn’t All Bad

Cholesterol Isn’t All Bad

Cholesterol gets a bad reputation these days, as it’s commonly linked to living an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle. However, cholesterol is produced naturally in the human body and can be beneficial. Here, cholesterol is explained and the pros and cons are covered in some detail. Cholesterol is actually an essential kind of fat which […]

5 Categories of Abnormal Psychology Disorders

5 Categories of Abnormal Psychology Disorders

Abnormal psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with a broad range of deviations from normal behavior. Those involved in this branch of psychology deal with psychopathology and abnormal behavior. All abnormal psychology disorders can be categorized under five main heads. 1. Adjustment disorders These are mental disorders which are traced back to a […]


Top 6 Ailments that Men May Not Speak About

Many of the same health conditions that plague women affect men as well, but men can also suffer from reticence in speaking about these problems. Research has shown that of the top ten causes of death, men are more likely to die than women. Men are less likely to visit doctors than women, and they […]