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Make the Most of Your Gym Membership

Have you recently signed up for a gym membership, or even renewed an existing one? Even if you’re a long-time fitness fanatic, sometimes you can let it slip and only return to your regime after a long time out. While it’s great to get back to it, letting it slide can be one of the […]

What Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

What Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

At night when you sleep, your body refreshes and renews itself, but at times this period of daily rest can become a danger zone. Your breathing, which is the very essence of life, can get disrupted in a number of ways causing trauma to your body. It can in some cases be severe enough to […]

Does Coffee Help You Live Longer

Does Coffee Help You Live Longer?

The stimulant called caffeine contained in coffee has frequently called into doubt the safety of coffee drinking, a new study informs us that there are at least some benefits of drinking coffee. This was the largest ever study examining the relationship between health and coffee drinking habits. What the studies say about coffee A study […]

Life Insurance Work

How Does Life Insurance Work

Life insurance is essentially a contract between the insurer and the policyholder. The insurer agrees that upon the demise of the policyholder, they will pay a designated amount of money to the beneficiaries named by the insured. In return for this, the insured agrees to make regular payments to keep this contract in force. These […]

What Is Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease?

What Is Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease?

The coronary disease known as chronic ischemic heart disease is caused by reduced supply of blood to the heart muscle. It is also known as myocardial ischaemia. Consider the individual words in the name of this disorder. Chronic means long time or something that has been in play for some time. Ischemia is the reduced […]

New Approaches to Weight Loss

New Approaches to Weight Loss

As the obesity epidemic looms ever larger on the public health horizon, newer and more innovative approaches to weight loss are being explored by researchers. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has come out with a 478-page plan to completely change the way that Americans approach weight loss. Meanwhile other approaches such astestosterone supplements and egg breakfasts are also […]

What Is the Connection Between Gum Disease and Heart Disease

What Is the Connection Between Gum Disease and Heart Disease?

How important is brushing and flossing to your heart? Very important, if new studies on the connection between gum disease and heart disease are to be believed. It may sound farfetched but may not be if you consider some facts. Gum disease which is also known as periodontal disease is said to affect the heart, […]

Evaluating Your Home Training Equipment

If you evaluate correctly the gym equipment that you want to buy you could save money and time with your workouts. The truth is that there are thousands of different machines on the market and so finding the one that is suitable for you may seem quite overwhelming. This is why you should evaluate the […]


Sugar Substitutes Used as Sweeteners for Diabetics

A person who is diabetic cannot eat too much sugar as the lack of insulin in the body makes it difficult for the person to digest the amount of blood sugar they have. This results in high levels of blood sugar in the patient which can lead to considerable damage to the internal organs and […]

Can Genetically Modified Produce Be Healthier

Can Genetically Modified Produce Be Healthier?

There is much debate ongoing about genetically modified produce. On the one hand, we are being urged to shun it absolutely, and on the other we are being urged to embrace it in the interests of our own health. So what is the truth about genetically modified produce? The genetically modified lamb Chinese scientists recently cloned […]