Some of the Good Health Tips for Teenagers

Being healthy and having good nutrition is vital for each and every person and especially for those who are in their growth and development years. It is very important for teenagers to look after their health and diet so as to ensure that they remain healthy and confident. Many teenagers these days are getting inclined towards consuming junk food and do not engage in physical activities. This results in poor health and low nutrition. Here, we have some good health tips for teenagers.

Some of the Good Health Tips for Teenagers

  • Avoid junk food consumption: It is a fact that 9 out of every 10 teenagers consume some or the other kind of junk food every day. This is quite alarming as junk foods are higher in salt, sugar, fat than food cooked at home and do not contain the amount of fiber which is needed by a teenager on per day basis. Consuming junk food such as fizzy drinks, burgers, pizzas, potato chips etc can result in gaining of excess weight and make a teenager obese. Thus junk food consumption should be decreased considerably.
  • Changing your eating habits another good healthy suggestion for teens is to change the eating habits and environment. Teenagers must try and select healthier and nutritious food items from the school canteen menu rather than high saturated fat diets. One must also select fewer processed foods while shopping at grocery stores. It is always better to eat most of the meals at home.
  • Change the thoughts about food: A lot of people have several myths about ‘healthy and nutritious’ food. Most of them make food choices because of these false beliefs. What one can do is that they can replace ‘fast’ foods by whole-wheat breads, cereals, wholegrain muffins and fruits.
  • Here are some tips and suggestions to improve your diet:
    • Go easy on the amount of fizzy drinks that you have. Rather go for natural drinks like coconut water, no-sugar drinks and a lot of water!
    • If you are in a hurry and do not have time to cook, pick up a fruit like an apple, a banana or an orange rather than going for chips or burgers.
    • Never skip important meals like breakfast or dinners thinking that they would help you lose weight. In fact skipping meals makes you go for binge-eating later on and hence increasing the calorie intake.
    • Reduce the size of the meals.

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