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Demand For Designer Vagina Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Soar

It has been reported that there has been a sharp rise in demand for labiaplasty cosmetic surgery in the past 12 months driven by increased consumer awareness making it the third most popular body enhancing procedure. Labiaplasty surgery, also referred to as the ‘designer vagina’, is usually performed under general anaesthetic. Shortening or reshaping the […]

Better Mental Health Today

Better Mental Health Today

So many of us take the time to look after our physical health nowadays, whether it’s regular trips to the gym, health supplements or eating our five a day. But what about looking after our mental health? It’s equally as important and yet it’s an area that often gets overlooked, perhaps because we don’t know […]

Can Soda Consumption

Can Soda Consumption Increase Violent Behavior in Children?

It is a known fact that soda isn’t good for children. Such beverages can increase the chances of obesity. According to the latest studies, they can have other, more serious effects as well, such as making children’s behavior more violent. The Latest Study The latest study followed the behavior patterns of over 3,000 children from […]

quit smoking with electronic cigarettes

Got a Bad Habit? 5 Ways Technology can Help

Everyone has a bad habit or two. Maybe it’s something relatively benign, like biting your nails. Or maybe it’s something a little more harmful to your health or the health and safety of others, like texting while driving or smoking cigarettes. Either way, kicking a long-held habit takes discipline — something that’s sometimes in short […]


What are the Lifetime Costs of Type 2 Diabetes?

Knowing the costs of treating different kinds of illnesses has always been important for governments partly because of the budget impacts and on the other hand the decision makers also have to consider the social impact of these costs. Cost Measurement According to the latest researches in the field, an average person with type 2 […]

Finally There is a Gluten Free Definition by FDA

For the people suffering from the celiac disease eating gluten can be a life threatening event. This is why the organizations supporting people with this health problem rejoiced in the recent decision of FDA to establish an accurate definition of what the average American knows as “gluten free”. The Importance of the Act It is […]

drug treatment program

Critical Questions to Ask When Choosing a Drug Treatment Program

When you select a treatment program for yourself or a loved one, you may feel initially intimidated by this task. This is a normal response. You want to get the person into treatment as soon as possible, but you have to navigate unfamiliar terminology. Focus your search around the most critical questions to ask when […]

Red Eye Diseases Symptoms

Red Eye Diseases Symptoms

Are you experiencing a red or blood shot eye condition?  There are many reasons due to which this can be caused. Infact there are several diseases which cause reddening of the eyes and some of these diseases include conjunctivitis, glaucoma, Blepharitis, Uveitis etc. In some cases the red eye condition may be temporary and would […]


Rare Blood Diseases in Children

There are many rare blood diseases and disorders which affect children and babies. Some of these diseases are so uncommon and unheard of, that they are not only difficult to treat but the treatment is available only at some of the hospitals and clinics in the world. Rare blood diseases in children are difficult to […]