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2013 – 2014 Winter – Health Warning for Elderly Folk

2013 – 2014 Winter – Health Warning for Elderly Folk

The  news of the worst winter in the last decades has surely put the medical world on guard. This is why the doctors attending to the needs of elderly folk issued last week a very serious warning related to the first signs of illness during this harsh season. Call your doctor Seniors are advised to […]

Half of the Human Population Can See in the Dark

Half of the Human Population Can See in the Dark – Study Results

It is said that humans are not able to see in the dark, unlike cats and other animals. However, one of the latest studies suggests that about 50% of the population is able to see the movement of their own hand even if it is entirely dark. The Basis of the Conclusion The specialists claim […]

A new Extension for Obamacare Deadline

A new Extension for Obamacare Deadline

Obamacare really seems to have set things on fire. Almost all people are talking about this topic and according to the latest news, the deadline has been extended another week for the consumers to enroll into an insurance coverage. Now they have until December 23 and the changes will take effect starting with January 1, […]

Finally Health Insurance Must Cover Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

In case you have any connections to the insurance business, there is some big news for you: from now on the insurance companies will have to offer coverage for substance abuse and mental illnesses just as any other kind of physical condition Advantages According to the officials, such new regulation will put an end to […]

mouth ulcer

What Diseases Can Cause A Mouth Ulcer?

A lot of the time, there is no obvious cause for mouth ulcers and they simply appear as a symptom of an oral injury, stress, anxiety or hormonal changes. However, some ulcers are caused as the result of a more serious disease, so if you suffer from recurring ulcers, it’s important to be aware of […]