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baby boomers

How Baby Boomers Could Transform the Health Care Industry

Each day since January 1, 2011, another 10,000 baby boomers turn 65, and the health care industry is already feeling the strain. If the health care industry hopes to meet the needs of this independent, socially and politically active generation, it will need to evolve quickly over the next couple of decades. The Patient Protection […]

massage hammertoes and alleviate foot pain

How to Massage Hammertoes and Alleviate Foot Pain

Your foot aches when you slip it into shoes. You can’t walk without a stab of pain, and your toes are curled awkwardly. Hammertoes are sometimes a genetic condition, or the result of wearing poorly-fitting shoes for long periods or even wear and tear from aging. The pain of untreated hammertoes is consistent and there’s […]

signs of thyroid disease and how to regain balance

You’re Not Alone: Signs of Thyroid Disease and How to Regain Balance

Currently, 20 million Americans suffer from thyroid disease — 80 percent or 16 million of those are women. This small gland located in the neck typically goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. The thyroid plays an essential role in the regulation of several organs including the heart, liver, brain, kidneys and skin and impacts the […]

metastatic cancer

8 Things to Know About Metastatic Cancer

What is Metastatic Cancer? Metastatic cancer is a type of a cancer which spreads to a body part from another body part where it had initially started. The tumor which is formed as a result of metastatic cancer is called metastatic tumor. This tumor is also known as metastasis. In fact the process through which […]

healthy working environment

Is Your Hospital a Healthy Working Environment?

You work in health care—but do you work in a healthy work environment? The stresses of working with patients and of enduring long shifts need to be balanced with a strong leadership team and a healthy and positive outlook. Stress is one of the major problems for nurses on the job. Nurses say work-related stress […]

Sensory Integration Disorder

Top 10 Facts to Know About Sensory Integration Disorder

Sensory integration disorder is a neurological disorder which is characterized from the fact that the brain becomes incapable of integration of some of the information which is received or intercepted by the 5 basic sensory systems of the body.   These sensory systems of the body detect sound, smell, sights, temperatures, tastes, pain and position of […]

Prevent Tooth Decay

Prevent Tooth Decay by Cutting Down on Sugar Intake to Half

These days, many medical experts and researchers have raised concerns about the intake of free sugars by human beings all around the world. Free sugars are the types of sugars which are added to various types of food products by the manufacturing companies. Some examples of such free sugars are fructose, glucose and sucrose. Also […]

Unsaturated Fat Prevents the Formation of Abdominal Fat Tissu

Unsaturated Fat Prevents the Formation of Abdominal Fat Tissu

Unsaturated fats build less fat tissue compared to saturated fat, which promotes the storing of more fat and lesser muscle development. The study was conducted by the researchers from Uppsala University, on a group of people which were given muffins in order to gain more weight. An Unsaturated-fat Muffin a Day Keeps Fat Away The […]

Signs and symptoms of thrombocytopenia

Some Essential Information About Thrombocytopenia

Thrombocytopenia is a medical condition which is marked by low count of the blood platelets.  Thrombocytes or platelets are the colorless blood cells which play an essential role in the process of blood clotting. What these platelets do is that they stop the blood loss by forming plugs in the holes of the blood vessels, […]

Causes And Symptoms Of Diabetic Gastroparesis

Causes and Symptoms of Diabetic Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis is a digestive problem which is related to diabetes and is hence also referred to as diabetic Gastroparesis.  In most of the cases, Gastroparesis mostly occurs in the case of those people who are suffering from Type 1 diabetes.  But this problem can also occur in those too who are suffering from Type 2 […]