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understanding brain health

Understanding Brain Health

Brain is the motor that drives human body. This complex organ of human body serves as the central zone of the nervous system amongst all vertebrate and majority of invertebrate animals. Therefore, a healthy brain that helps you recognize and remember stimulates your instinct actions and regulates your hormones and reflexes as well. Years back […]

blue waffle infection

What is the Blue Waffle Infection?

The blue waffle infection is the informal term for an infection that is recently discovered in medical instances. To put it simply, it is an infection/ disease that affects the sexual organs/ body parts of the individual. However, the disease is curable with proper medical care and attention. The disease occurs most commonly in women […]

exploding head syndrome

Exploding Head Syndrome: Explained

The exploding head syndrome is a parasomnia which is a sleep disorder, that is very rare and there have not been that many record cases of it around the world. Under this particular parasomnia, the individual suffering from the syndrome experiences an extremely loud sound or bang sound in his or her head. This sound […]

reasons for overeating

6 Most Common Reasons for Overeating

Have you ever noticed yourself to eat more than your body needs? Or have you ever felt that you engaged in binge eating, for no reason whatsoever? Well, overeating is not an uncommon phenomenon and happens to each one of us. But what really are the reasons that one tends to eat beyond his/her body’s […]

diabetes myths and misconceptions debunked

Top 8 Diabetes Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

Diabetes is one of the most commonly occurring conditions in today’s world. It affects a large population across the world and is a group of diseases in which there is a high blood sugar level for a prolonged period of time. Even inspite of this, there are many common misconceptions and myths associated with this […]

signs, symptoms and treatment of Onion Allergy

The Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Onion Allergy

Onion allergy is a type of an allergy that is triggered on eating or being in direct contact with onions.Onion allergy is a rare kind of an allergy and only about 3% adults have reported to have this allergy.  Onion intolerance is a different concept altogether from onion allergy and those with intolerance does not […]