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symptoms of dust allergy

Symptoms of Dust Allergy

The dust allergy or dust mites allergies are basically the response our immune system gives whenever microscopic bugs (i.e. the dust mites) enter our bodies. Since the dust bites are microscopic bugs, the house or the surroundings you are in can be dirty even though they seem to be perfectly clean. These extremely tiny creatures […]

signs, symptoms and treatment of Onion Allergy

The Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Onion Allergy

Onion allergy is a type of an allergy that is triggered on eating or being in direct contact with onions.Onion allergy is a rare kind of an allergy and only about 3% adults have reported to have this allergy.  Onion intolerance is a different concept altogether from onion allergy and those with intolerance does not […]

recognize and avoid a latex allergy

How to Recognize and Avoid a Latex Allergy

Latex allergy is a kind of an allergy which is caused as an allergic reaction to the natural proteins in natural rubber latex. This is an ever increasing problem and some people might be more allergic than the others. Like any other allergy type, the more you are exposed to the cause, the more will […]

ways to keep away indoor allergens

8 Ways to keep away Indoor Allergens

The most common cause behind sneezing, congestion and runny nose is allergic rhinitis. It is not constrained to the cold season only and even then it is a kind of allergic rhinitis triggered by the low temperature which often results in dust and pollen accumulation. We often resume to medicines as cure but it is […]

pollen allergies facts

Facts about Pollen Allergy

The allergy from pollen is a common problem and if you have ever gone through it you would know that it feels just like you have got the flu. Pollen allergy or hay fever as it is commonly called or seasonal allergic rhinitis is a condition that arises due to the pollen in the atmosphere. […]

Chronic Hives

Wish to Relieve Yourself from Chronic Hives? Try Vitamin D

Chronic hives are scientifically called ‘urticaria’. In general terms they are hoisted batches of red or white itchy welts of different sizes that appear and disappear on the body of the affected person. They are such kind of hives that lasts for some weeks and then persist again frequently or lasts for long period of […]

Cold a Common illness and its Symptoms

Cold – a Common illness and it’s Symptoms

Cold is the most common illness that every individual get affected with for atleast once in their life time. It’s an upper respiratory infection that is usually caused by a virus and it even affects throat, trachea, larynx and bronchial tubes. Mostly people fall victim for cold during autumn fall, winter and rainy season.  Several […]


How to Cope With Soy Allergy?

Soy allergy is a common type of food allergy. Various soy products differ in their ability to cause an allergic reaction. Usually, fermented soy like tempeh can cause less allergic reaction when compared to raw soybeans. Living with an allergy to soy: Avoid consuming soy-based foods. They include: tempeh, soybeans, soy milk, tofu, miso, soy […]


Home and Homeopathic Remedy for Sinus Infection

Sinusitis is a condition that, while not dangerous unless complications occur, can be a debilitating condition that can be chronic in nature. Lot of incidental problems such as congestion, nasal discharge, reduced sense of smell, possibility of dental infection, aching teeth, dizziness and so on can also trouble the sufferer which is why a homeopathic remedy […]

Safe And Effective Sinus Infection Treatment Options

Safe And Effective Sinus Infection Treatment Options

Millions of people are affected by sinus infection, commonly known as sinusitis. Despite the discovery of antibiotics, research proved that many still suffer from it. However, taking medicines is not the only sinus infection treatment available. There are other options you can rely on which are even more effective and safer to use. In general, […]