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how does diabetes affect wound healing

How Does Diabetes Affect Wound Healing

Abnormal amounts of blood glucose brought about by diabetes can, after some time, influence the nerves (neuropathy) and lead to poor blood distribution, making it hard for blood to clot and repair the skin of the wounded area. Thus, the wounded part of the skin stays open and unhealed for a considerable length of time. […]

importance of correct shoe size for diabetic patients

Importance of Correct Shoe Size for Diabetic Patients

It is important for everybody to wear their exact shoe size instead of ill-fitting foot wear and suffer from painful arch or blisters on heel. However, for people suffering from diabetics, this can be a critical issue as an ill-fitting shoe can trigger much severe problems for them. These include severe foot infections, ulcers and […]

diabetes myths and misconceptions debunked

Top 8 Diabetes Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

Diabetes is one of the most commonly occurring conditions in today’s world. It affects a large population across the world and is a group of diseases in which there is a high blood sugar level for a prolonged period of time. Even inspite of this, there are many common misconceptions and myths associated with this […]

indian gooseberry

4 Effective Ayurvedic Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, refers to certain metabolic disorder/ disease in the body. The major characterisation of the disease is that it results when an individual’s pancreas is not producing enough insulin or when the body cells are not efficiently responding to the insulin that is produced. Either way the result is high […]

living with diabetes

Living with Diabetes: What You Need to Know

When it comes to women’s health, diabetes is an important issue. Not only does this illness seem to have more severe complications among women, but it can also affect female issues like pregnancy, nursing and more. And since so many women suffer from the effects of this disease, learning how to prevent and address its […]

kids with type 1 diabetes

Taking Care of Kids with Type 1 Diabetes

Type1diabetes in children is the condition when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin that is needed for the child to survive and this insulin has to be replaced with the aid of injections to maintain healthy blood sugar level. Type 1 diabetes is also knows as insulin dependent diabetes. Diagnosis of type 1 diabetes […]

Healthy Ways to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Know the Healthy Ways to Manage Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

It is a well-known fact that all diseases can be kept under check with a proper diet and regular exercise. A good diet and proper exercise is the best way to keep your diabetes under control. In Type II diabetes, your body stops producing insulin which leads consequently to very high sugar levels and additional […]


3 Ways To Bring Down Post-Meal Blood Glucose Spikes

The list of things you need to do to control blood sugar level is a long one. This is why most diabetic patients find it a challenge to manage blood sugar – so overwhelming it can be – most people never realize they’re a victim of postprandial hyperglycemia. Postprandial what? Postprandial hyperglycemia implies high blood […]

foods to prevent diabetes

Top 5 Foods That Help to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which a person has high blood sugar level and this disease can lead to many other health and medical problems. Controlling diabetes is one thing but preventing it from coming is a better way to stay clear of high blood sugar. There are many ways to prevent occurrence of diabetes […]


Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms

Gestational diabetes mellitus is a form of diabetes or high blood sugar which is first diagnosed during pregnancy. The main cause of gestational diabetes mellitus is blocking of the insulin from during its main job by the hormones during pregnancy. When this happens, the level of glucose may increase in the blood of a pregnant […]