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common reasons for high protein levels in blood

Common Reasons for High Protein Levels in Blood

Your blood contains two classes of proteins – globulin and albumin. Typically, the aggregate sum of protein in your blood falls somewhere around 6.0 and 8.3 grams for every deciliter, or g/dL.  Contrary to popular beliefs, a high-protein does not raise significant protein levels in your blood; rather high-fat and high-sugar diets can bring about […]

know how about balloon endoscopy

A Comprehensive know how about Balloon Endoscopy

Balloon endoscopy can be defined as a procedure through which the small intestine as well as the digestive track can be viewed. Balloon endoscopy can also be termed as a revolutionized formation of capsule endoscopy to overcome the limitations of it. Classifications Balloon endoscopy has two categories which are 1) Single Balloon Endoscopy and 2) […]


Misdiagnosis: What to do About it

In ideal circumstances, when someone gets sick they experience symptoms, go to the doctor, get a diagnosis, and start a course of treatment that will either effectively cure or, at the very least, help them manage their illness.  Unfortunately, for millions of people the process isn’t that easy; for one reason or another their illnesses […]

Home Testing for HIV

Home Testing for HIV Now Possible

Have you been in close touch with HIV positive person recently? HIV is the cause of AIDS and is transmitted through the blood, semen, saliva, breast milk or other body fluids by direct contact with an infected person. HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that causes AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome that attacks […]

mental illness

Addiction Dual Diagnosis? Here’s Why You Need Specialized Treatment

Mental illness doesn’t cause substance abuse disorders, but the two things often occur together. Fifty percent of people with diagnosable psychiatric disorders also suffer from a substance abuse disorder. If you suffer from both a mental health issue and a substance abuse problem, it’s known as a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder. The causes […]

genetically predisposed to a certain condition

Find out if you are Genetically Predisposed to a Certain Condition

Your genetic makeup holds all the answers to who you are, and it can also show any predispositions that you have too. In your genetic makeup there may be some kind of mutation that makes you at higher risk to falling ill from genetic conditions, and this is something that you need to be aware […]

These color-enhanced scanning electron microscope images show nanosheets resembling tiny rose petals. The nanosheets are key components of a new type of biosensor that can detect minute concentrations of glucose in saliva, tears and urine. The technology might eventually help to eliminate or reduce the frequency of using pinpricks for diabetes testing. (Jeff Goecker, Purdue University)

New Test for Diabetes Using Saliva and Tears

In what might revolutionize the world of diagnostics, scientists have developed a new diagnostic tool for detecting diabetes using saliva and tears. The revolutionary research was carried out at Purdue University’s Nanotechnology center and the finding published in the Advanced Functional Materials journal. This project has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the […]

Hepatitis C – Know more about the Challenge of Living with It

Usually people don’t think that they could have hepatitis C. However they might want to take a look at some informational brochures because they might be surprised. Sometimes people know how they acquired the virus (like from the drug use) but in other cases they have no clue how they got in contact with it. […]

Food Intolerance Testing May Not Be Reliable

Food Intolerance Testing May Not Be Reliable

There has been a sharp rise in numbers of people with food allergies and intolerances in recent times. However, experts say that tests that indicate intolerance and allergies are often inaccurate and unreliable. This could mean that many of us are living with unnecessary diet restrictions and spending unnecessary amounts on the supposed allergy or intolerance. Intolerance […]


Home Health Tests – Should You Use Them?

Performing a health test at home can be an attractive option. It not only saves money and time, but also helps you in taking advantage of the convenience and privacy of having the test performed without professional intervention. However consumer experts warn that home test kits such as those designed to diagnose ulcers of the […]