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purging disorder

All you Need to Know about Purging Disorder

What do you Mean by the Term ‘Purging Disorder? Purging disorder is a term used for eating disorders and this complaint arises seldom or at instances when you overeat. Its features include periodic purging like self-prompted vomiting, diuretics and enemas that is executed to control the body mass or shape. Patients purge even when they […]

treating eating disorders with yoga

Treating Eating Disorders with Yoga

Yoga has many benefits – it can also heal eating disorders. Eating disorders are becoming common due to various causes like stress, lack of time, depression, overeating habits etc. People do Yoga to reap the positive effects on the body and because it keeps them healthy. If you are suffering from any eating disorder and […]

reasons for overeating

6 Most Common Reasons for Overeating

Have you ever noticed yourself to eat more than your body needs? Or have you ever felt that you engaged in binge eating, for no reason whatsoever? Well, overeating is not an uncommon phenomenon and happens to each one of us. But what really are the reasons that one tends to eat beyond his/her body’s […]

common diet myths and the facts

4 Most Common Diet Myths And The Facts

Today everybody is clinched towards being slim and fit and hence opted the process of dieting but you must keep in mind that there are wide numbers of diet myths that can adversely affect your body and cause harm to it. Therefore to be aware from these here you are being guided with some myths […]

eating disorders and depression go hand in hand

Eating Disorders and Depression Go Hand in Hand

According to medical science there is a close relationship between eating disorders and depression. Despite the fact it has to be remembered that a debate is still continuing on this topic whether depression can be regarded as the result of eating disorder or depression can be termed as only a symptom of eating disorder. Those […]

Eating Disorders

How To Treat Male Eating Disorders Arising From Steroid Use

Eating disorders can be a potential life threatening mental illness. While the condition is often portrayed as illnesses to only affect women, studies suggest that a majority of people suffering from bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are men, and binge eating disorders affect almost an equal number of females and males. The cultural stigma and under-reporting […]

binge purge cycle of bulimia

Know about Binge Purge Cycle of Bulimia

Bulimia is an eating disorder which causes the patient to lose control over how much they eat and binge, then try to compensate by purging or by over exercising. Bulimic patients usually have a healthy body weight.There are two types of bulimia, one in which the patient tries to compensate by vomiting or by using […]

binge eating disorder treatment

Binge Eating and How to Treat It Yourself

If you feel that you are overeating in a way that makes you feel uncomfortably full and the portion that you eat is too large but you just cannot seem to stop, then probably you have a disorder called Binge Eating Disorder. All overeating is not binge eating, and to understand whether what you are […]

How is Teenage Anorexia Treated

How is Teenage Anorexia Treated

Anorexia nervosa is a psychological eating disorder which involves acute form of self-starvation. This eating disorder is usually characterized by distorted body image, low body weight, amenorrhea and an immense fear of gaining weight. The cause of anorexia nervosa is a combination of genetic, biological, psychological and socio-cultural factors. Teenagers and adolescents are greatly affected […]

Causes and Types of Eating Disorders in Children

Causes and Types of Eating Disorders in Children

Most mothers will complain about the fussy eating habits of their children, but many of them will be unaware of the possible eating disorders in children. Children may have a natural affinity towards junk food, but this does not necessarily mean that they have an eating disorder. It is more likely a matter of taste […]