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Is It Better to Have Laser Eye Surgery Than Contact Lenses?

Research shows that most individuals with eye problems prefer contact lenses to laser eye surgery for it is perceived that they are safer and cost effective. That might not be necessarily true because the reality is with time lenses become expensive and unsafe when over-worn. Does this make laser vision correction the better alternative? Do […]

snow blindness

Snow Blindness – Everything you Needed to Know

Photokeratitis or ultraviolet keratitis or simply snow blindness is an eye condition that results from the exposure of the eye to UV rays of the sun for a long time. It is a painful eye condition and usually affects people traveling in snowy terrain on high altitude without proper eye protection. It does not only […]

indications that say it is time to visit your ophthalmologist

7 Indications That Say It is Time to Visit your Ophthalmologist

With the hectic schedule that the world is moving with, it is very difficult to go for regular health check-ups. Only when you confront health issues that disturb your regular lifestyle, you feel the urge to visit the respective specialist. Eyes being the indispensible part of a human body should be constantly under checkups and […]

thyroid eye disease

Thyroid Eye Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

Thyroid eye disease or Grave’s disease, as the name suggests is a thyroid related problem. People who already have thyroid problem are susceptible to this disease. However, it can also happen that this symptom is the first sign that your body gives you when you have thyroid problem, without knowing it. At times though, even […]

corneal abrasion

Corneal Abrasion – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

When the eye’s cornea gets scratched, its known as corneal abrasion. The cornea is one of the most important parts of the eyes and is a clear, protective lining just above the iris, which is the colored black / brown portion of the eye, and the pupil. Corneal abrasions are usually not very serious and […]


5 Expert Remedies to Treat In-Grown Eyelashes

In-grown eyelashes are referred to the phenomenon of eyelashes growing towards your eyes, medically known as ‘trichiasis. This abnormal positioning of eyelashes is caused by auto-immune diseases, eye inflammation, infection, congenital defects or trauma such as eyelid injury. As a result, the constant rubbing of in-growing eyelashes on the cornea cause the eye to become […]

What are the Symptoms of Astigmatism of the Eye

Symptoms of Astigmatism of the Eye

Astigmatism is an eye condition in which the cornea is oval in shape unlike normally where the shape of the cornea is round. In this condition, the shape of the cornea is like the bottom of a spoon. This means that the light rays that enter the eye gets scattered instead of focusing on the […]

Red Eye Diseases Symptoms

Red Eye Diseases Symptoms

Are you experiencing a red or blood shot eye condition?  There are many reasons due to which this can be caused. Infact there are several diseases which cause reddening of the eyes and some of these diseases include conjunctivitis, glaucoma, Blepharitis, Uveitis etc. In some cases the red eye condition may be temporary and would […]


What are the Eye Diseases Symptoms and Treatment?

Eye health is as important as the overall health of a person and must be paid special attention to by everyone. It is vital to keep the eyes clean and for this, they should be washed at regular intervals. In order to prevent the occurrence of eye diseases and disorders, it is important to be […]

The Positives and Negatives of Glaucoma Eye Drops

The Positives and Negatives of Glaucoma Eye Drops

There are many different ways to treat glaucoma in today’s world, but the best way that has been found to date has to be glaucoma eye drops. Although this method can be rather expensive, there is nothing else that is able to deal with your problem in such a direct manner. Glaucoma is a disease […]