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How Can Food And Mental Games Improve Your Health

Keeping your health in check is important, and there are a few main contributors that can help you with this. Food is possibly the most important, with mental games helping to keep your memory in one piece. Knowing exactly what you need to improve your health when you’re sick, or if you’re in need of […]

Adolescents and Harmful Substance Abuse: Growing Trends Could Spark Increased Use

While studies have proven that the use of cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol have declined in recent years among adolescents and teens, there is still concern that parents and educators should be aware of. Essentially the invention of newer devices like e-cigs and decreased concerns of the effects marijuana may have on a person’s health, and […]

what to eat after whipple’s procedure

What to Eat after Whipple’s Procedure

Sometimes people with pancreatic cancer have to undergo pancreaticodudectomy (PD) or Whipple’s procedure. This is a complicated surgery whereby, a part of the pancreas, that of the small intestine and the gallbladder is removed. This surgery is mainly used when cancer is limited to the top of the pancreas. The procedure is quite demanding in […]

myth associated with milk and mucus

Myth Associated with Milk and Mucus

Can milk cause mucus? This is a common question that many people ask and many of you probably have already conducted your experiment to find the truth behind it. Many people say that their noses run a little bit more during cold after they drink a glass of milk. However, this nothing but a myth […]

medicare fraud

How to Avoid Medicare Fraud and Report It

Few people are aware that the Medicare program costs the industry billions of dollars annually, increasing the cost of service for everyone and thereby damaging it fundamentally. Fraudulent calls are becoming more and more common with individuals trying to access Medicare numbers and bill the government-run program for senior people (65 years old and above) […]

Gum Disease

Eight Tips To Alleviate Gum Disease

According to recent research by the American Dental Association, approximately 80 percent of Americans will develop some form of gum disease during their lifetime. These staggering statistics, coupled with the fact that the disease can lead to major tooth loss and, in extreme cases, serious heart-related issues, underscore the importance of being proactive when it […]

patient safety concerns for 2015

Top 6 Patient Safety Concerns for 2015

Patient safety is constantly in the news. This is as a result of hospital infections, increased awareness among the public and a rising elderly population. Recent tragedies in care homes and in hospitals have also led to the UK population rightly demanding the highest standards in patient safety. Here are the leading safety concerns to […]

understanding brain health

Understanding Brain Health

Brain is the motor that drives human body. This complex organ of human body serves as the central zone of the nervous system amongst all vertebrate and majority of invertebrate animals. Therefore, a healthy brain that helps you recognize and remember stimulates your instinct actions and regulates your hormones and reflexes as well. Years back […]

Trade mill

The Best Workout Equipment to Lose Weight

The simple technique or concept behind losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume. One of the best ways to lose weight is to try out the combination of high intensity exercises with low calorie eating regularly and continuously. What happens is that workout equipments can tend to raise the heart rate and […]

health benefits of massage

The Health Benefits of Massage

Most people consider massage therapy to be a luxury, like hair-styling or manicures. They are for pampering and relaxation, and not much else. In truth, massage therapy actually has a lot of health benefits beyond just relaxation. Massage therapy affects multiple organs and systems in your body, and can help improve your overall health. The […]