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The Best Workout Equipment to Lose Weight

The simple technique or concept behind losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume. One of the best ways to lose weight is to try out the combination of high intensity exercises with low calorie eating regularly and continuously. What happens is that workout equipments can tend to raise the heart rate and […]

health benefits of massage

The Health Benefits of Massage

Most people consider massage therapy to be a luxury, like hair-styling or manicures. They are for pampering and relaxation, and not much else. In truth, massage therapy actually has a lot of health benefits beyond just relaxation. Massage therapy affects multiple organs and systems in your body, and can help improve your overall health. The […]

common liver function tests

Common Liver Function Tests – A Comprehensive Knowhow

To understand the liver functions and gauge how well it is working, certain tests are performed that are medically termed as “Common liver function tests”. These are nothing but blood tests that check the functioning of the liver, its condition and also the overall biliary system. They also detect damage or inflammation if any. Recently, […]

ways to boost your hemoglobin level

Top 6 Ways to Boost Your Hemoglobin Level

Hemoglobin is an iron containing respiratory protein formed by the red blood cells in your bone marrow. The normal hemoglobin level of blood is 12 to 16 g/dl in adult females and 13.5 to 17g/dl in adult males. However, depreciating hemoglobin level lowers the oxygen carrying capacity of RBC is a condition known as anemia. […]

nagging running injuries

3 Nagging Running Injuries & How To Recover From Them

Running injuries can hamper your training or leave you sidelined. These injuries often result from hours of running and are very rarely caused by an accident or an external force. The worst of the injuries are those that are most frequently seen with distance running. While there is no consolation for individuals nursing a running […]

one dose fits all

One Dose Fits All?

You have high blood pressure. Your uncle has high blood pressure. Both of you, despite differences in age, weight, actual BP readings, and many other characteristics are dosed in a very similar way. Does this really make sense? Another good example of this is blood donation. Blood is donated in single pints, regardless of the […]

hospice care

7 Reasons Hospice Care is Different

Both a service and a philosophy of care, hospice provides terminally ill patients and their families a path through the end stages of life and illness after efforts for cure and treatment have ceased. Unlike traditional approaches to medical care, hospice’s acceptance of death—and desire to alleviate the suffering that comes along with it—creates a […]


Popular Gyms in Vegas

With the rise of casino gambling, hundreds of people now visit Las Vegas on holiday each year. In addition there has been a rise in the number of people who now workout at gyms and focus much more on fitness. So what if whilst in Vegas you want to keep your body in top shape? […]


Joining the 12 Step Community

Since the mid-1930s over two hundred organizations have been created for the purpose of helping those battling various kinds of addictions. From Alcoholics Anonymous to Overeaters Anonymous, there’s practically a group out there for everyone. These twelve-step recovery methods address the wide ranging issues that often plague the members involved. Emotional, spiritual, and psychological issues […]

LINX hearing aids

3Life-Changing Hearing Aid Advancements

Hearing aid technology continues to evolve and the latest trends include devices with Bluetooth capabilities, devices that are compatible with Apple products and hearing aids containing microcomputers. These aren’t your grandfather’s hearing aids. If you’re still reluctant to take the first step to improved hearing, this list of some of the latest technology trends in […]