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Biological Storage

Importance Of Biobanking For Healthcare Research

Biobanking is playing a crucial role in healthcare research. The range of biospecimens maintained in these banks includes saliva, blood, plasma and purified DNA. The biospecimens can be termed as libraries of human organism. Biobanks also use the leftovers from normal medical procedures. For example, the unused blood of the patient who undergoes a blood […]

Aurora Laser Skincare

4 Steps To A Healthy & Everlasting Skin

Let’s be honest here: pasty won’t cut it for you when it comes to your skin. Good thing is there are skin care tips to restore a head-to-glow when the sun comes out from hiding. That said, skin care can become complicated at times. With all the products and skin care tips each touting to […]

pfizer lipitor lawsui

Four Recent Medical Settlements, and How They Affect You

Some might argue that litigation is a cost to do business for big pharmaceutical companies, and they might not be wrong. Between 2004 and 2010, big pharmaceutical companies paid out an estimated $7 billion over lawsuits and penalties for how they do business. Sometimes these advertisements lack information, or paint a picture that is different […]

Health Care

How Baby Boomers Could Transform the Health Care Industry

Each day since January 1, 2011, another 10,000 baby boomers turn 65, and the health care industry is already feeling the strain. If the health care industry hopes to meet the needs of this independent, socially and politically active generation, it will need to evolve quickly over the next couple of decades. The Patient Protection […]

Unsaturated Fat Prevents the Formation of Abdominal Fat Tissu

Unsaturated Fat Prevents the Formation of Abdominal Fat Tissu

Unsaturated fats build less fat tissue compared to saturated fat, which promotes the storing of more fat and lesser muscle development. The study was conducted by the researchers from Uppsala University, on a group of people which were given muffins in order to gain more weight. An Unsaturated-fat Muffin a Day Keeps Fat Away The […]

Nurse Research

Nurse Researchers: Scientists and Investigators Who Heal

Research nurses work to support the practice of nursing by improving the quality of care given to patients in clinical, palliative and home settings. An evidence-based area of practice that often partners with other disciplines, nurse researchers are important for expanding knowledge and care. Because they are nurses first, research nurses takes their cues and […]


Kratom: What Is It Good For?

For centuries, the people of Southeast Asia have chewed the leaves of the kratom treefor reasons similar to why Americans drink coffee: its chemicals’ compounds will perk you right up, but the plant hasmuch more to offer. In fact, kratom has been utilized as a bit of a wonder drug in traditional medicine for hundreds […]

Vodka Consumption Linked to High Death Rates in Russia

Vodka Consumption Linked to High Death Rates in Russia

Vodka, the Russian universal drink might be connecting people with their tombs. Everyone knows how passionate are the Russian’s for their drink, but studies have shown a strong link between heavy vodka drinkers and premature deaths.Poisoning by smuggled or illicit vodka are also an issue. The government is trying to reduce the vodka consumption by […]

Improper Sleep

Improper Sleep Encourages the Cancer Growth

It is a scientifically proved that sleep can influence our health in a very unpredictable way but in case of a recent studies it was demonstrated that the plain old quality rest can have a major impact on cancer cells evolution. A study conducted in US on a group of two mice groups using the […]

Sex Life Quality

Social Status Linked to Sex Life Quality

As strange as it may sound, according to the latest researches, the socio-economic status of people seems to affect their sexual satisfaction, especially in case of women. This means that the women who have a higher socio-economic status usually have a more satisfying sex life. The Research In order to reach their conclusions, the researchers […]