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massage hammertoes and alleviate foot pain

How to Massage Hammertoes and Alleviate Foot Pain

Your foot aches when you slip it into shoes. You can’t walk without a stab of pain, and your toes are curled awkwardly. Hammertoes are sometimes a genetic condition, or the result of wearing poorly-fitting shoes for long periods or even wear and tear from aging. The pain of untreated hammertoes is consistent and there’s […]

Sleep Disorders in Children Symptoms

Sleep Disorders in Children Symptoms

It is commonly known that a restful sleep is helpful for everyone to repair and heal the body. But many people find it difficult to sleep properly and have different kinds of sleep disorders. Even many children across the world are affected by sleep disorders and according to a research, as many as 2 out […]

A new Extension for Obamacare Deadline

A new Extension for Obamacare Deadline

Obamacare really seems to have set things on fire. Almost all people are talking about this topic and according to the latest news, the deadline has been extended another week for the consumers to enroll into an insurance coverage. Now they have until December 23 and the changes will take effect starting with January 1, […]

Natural Alternative Sweeteners for Diabetics

Natural Alternative Sweeteners for Diabetics

Artificial sweeteners are abundantly consumed by people all over the world and especially by those who suffer from diabetes. The consumption of artificial sweeteners is a great topic of debate and therefore a lot of recent research has been made on natural alternative sweeteners for diabetics. Consuming fresh and naturally made sweeteners is highly recommended […]

Autoimmune Hepatitis Disease

Causes of Autoimmune Hepatitis Disease

Autoimmune hepatitis disease is a category of an autoimmune disease in which the defence system, which is the immunity system, tends to attack our body cells rather than protecting them and cause some or the other kind of damage. In this disease, the liver is the part of the body which is attacked by the […]

laser eye surgery

What’s the Ideal Age to Get Laser Eye Surgery?

The prospect of having perfect eyesight, if you are a wearer of glasses, may seem like an implausible aspiration. However, in recent years, laser eye surgery has made this dream a reality for thousands, if not millions of people across the country. What’s more, the cost of laser eye surgery is now more affordable than ever before, […]

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

Top 5 Sleep Apnea Solutions

The number of medical advancements to cure sleep disorders has seen a steep rise over the decades. Sleep disorders can be caused due to physiological or psychological symptoms. Here are 5 products that help in preventing and controlling sleep disorders of some types. 1. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Obstructive Sleep apnea is a type […]


Obesity Paradox and Fitness Theory Quell Fatness Myths

A publication in the European Heart Journal has quelled the common belief that all obese people are unhealthy and prone to cardiovascular diseases. The paper was published based on a study by scientists at the University of South Carolina, USA. The research focuses on a subset of fat people who are as healthy as any […]


Three Main Sleep Disordered Breathing Problems

The term sleep disordered breathing relates to a number of breathing related problems that may occur while sleeping. These would include breathing related abnormalities such as snoring or breaks in breathing which are known as apnea. The anomalies could be caused due to a number of reasons and one of them is obesity. It is […]

Does Coffee Help You Live Longer

Does Coffee Help You Live Longer?

The stimulant called caffeine contained in coffee has frequently called into doubt the safety of coffee drinking, a new study informs us that there are at least some benefits of drinking coffee. This was the largest ever study examining the relationship between health and coffee drinking habits. What the studies say about coffee A study […]