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taking care of health leads to happiness

Taking Care of Health Leads to Happiness

Every so often, you see an article on your social media sites about the habits of happy people. One of the key factors is exercise, which is shown to help self-image and ease symptoms of depression and stress leading to a happier self. Exercise is just one component of taking care of your health. Could […]

tips and suggestions to prevent voice disorders

General Tips and Suggestions to Prevent Voice Disorders

We have all experienced problems and issues with our voice and speech, especially when suffering from cold, allergies, bronchitis etc. These voice problems lead to a hoarse voice or an issue when hardly any voice comes out as we try to speak. In medical terms, voice disorders are those medical conditions in which there is […]

diabetes can lead to other diseases

How Diabetes can Lead to Other Diseases

Diabetes is described as a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose either due to body’s improper response to insulin or because the insulin production is inadequate.  Those who have a high blood sugar often experience frequent urination, increased thirst and even increased hunger. It is important to control diabetes […]

natural remedies for treating ITP Blood Disorder

The Best Natural Remedies for Treating ITP Blood Disorder

Thrombocytes or platelets are microscopic fragments of cells that are produced in the bone marrow and circulate in the blood.  These play a very important function in the blood clotting process but due to some reasons, there count might decrease and this can lead to a condition known as thrombocytopenia.  If left untreated, this condition […]

physical conditions that can cause sleep disorders

8 Physical Conditions that Can Cause Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are serious disorders which disable a person to sleep soundly at night and can lead to several other disorders if left untreated.  These disorders usually have their roots in certain prescription drugs or in certain medical problems which the patient might be suffering from. Besides this, there are certain physical problems or conditions […]

fond of red wine know its benefits for heart health

Fond of Red Wine- Know its Benefits for Heart Health

All across the world, it is known that red wine, in moderation is good for the heart.  Red wine consists of alcohol along with certain other ingredients which can protect against many types of heart diseases and this is why it is believed that drinking red wine can be good for heart patients. But at […]

tips to avoid vision disorders

8 Tips to Avoid Vision Disorders

Vision disorders are becoming more and more common with the passing years. A wide percentage of population suffers from vision disorders, however big or small they may be in severity.  Vision disorders can result from hereditary issues, genetic reasons, the changing environment and many other reasons.  But there are many steps that one can take […]

some early warning signs of teenager eating disorder

Some Early Warning Signs of Teenager Eating Disorder

Children and teenagers suffer from a variety of eating disorders which often go unnoticed by the parents. Eating disorders are a kind of psychological problems which may even need the intervention of therapy. The disorders can make the day to day functioning of children difficult and may even lead to life threatening or more chronic […]

everything you need to know about attention deficit disorder

Everything you Need to Know about Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Attention deficit disorder is a kind of a disorder or problem in which adults and children who are affected experiences a lack in concentration, attention and focus.  This disorder can make anybody’s life disorganized, confused and challenging. There are a range of symptoms of ADD and most of them are very frustrating for the one […]

tips for switching doctors

Tips for Switching Doctors

Even before the Affordable Care Act was made law in 2012, the Obama Administration had taken steps to make insurance affordable to the public. However, it was the passage of the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” which changed the way many Americans get healthcare. Among the many changes, the Affordable Care Act required […]