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Diagnose Silent Heart Disease with the Right Symptoms

Diagnose Silent Heart Disease with the Right Symptoms

You are as good as your last heartbeat. If it pumps at a regular rate, you live a regular healthy life. If its beats are sporadic, pay heed to what it means. You may think you lead a healthy life – eat healthy, sleep enough, exercise regularly – but your heart may not always agree […]

ways to avoid suffering from infectious diseases

Top 8 Ways to Avoid Suffering from Infectious Diseases

It is important for each and every one of us to stay away from infections. There are many different kinds of infections that we can get even while going through our day to day lives and these small infections can mean big time trouble. From a runny nose to a skin infection and from cough […]

remedies for treating rocasea

Home Remedies for Treating Rocasea

Rocasea is a skin disease, particularly occurring on your face that starts with redness. Also, known as acne rocasea, it is seen on cheeks and nose along with firm red nodules resembling acne. Some symptoms of this problem are burning and stinging feeling, red gritty eyes and rhinophyma. The prime cause behind the rocasea is […]

treatment for eye twitching

Know How to Stop Twitching Eyes and its Treatment

Everyone has probably experienced this annoying non-stop flickering eyelid sensation; its involuntary and quite disturbing. It can continue for several hours or can stop after a few flickers. Also known as myokymia, eye twitching is nothing but uncontrolled and continuous muscle contraction that surrounds the eye and eyelids. Usually the lower eye lid gets affected […]

clean your skin regularly

How to Get Supple, Healthy and Oh-So Gorgeous Skin in Summers

Summer is probably one of the worst seasons of the year for the skin.  The extreme sun light consisting of UV rays can leave the skin damaged, wrinkled and so tanned. It is true that summers tempt us to go outdoors and spend time doing things we love but that is surely at the cost […]

Qualifying as a Nurse

Qualifying as a Nurse: Which Route is Best for You?

Nursing is a very rewarding career, but it’s also a challenging and highly responsible one that requires years of study. The most common route to becoming a nurse is to complete a nursing degree, which are offered on full- and part-time bases at institutions all over the country. Though in today’s world, several universities now offer […]

Life Insurance Work

How Does Life Insurance Work

Life insurance is essentially a contract between the insurer and the policyholder. The insurer agrees that upon the demise of the policyholder, they will pay a designated amount of money to the beneficiaries named by the insured. In return for this, the insured agrees to make regular payments to keep this contract in force. These […]

Clinically Depressed

How To Tell If You Are Clinically Depressed Or Suffering From Depression?

In the past few decades it has become much more socially acceptable to be depressed. Just as socially acceptable as Ritalin and ADD have become, the same goes for Prozac and Paxil and depression. How do you tell if you are depressed? I mean, really depressed not just having a bad day? And how do […]

How To Ensure You Stay Herpes-Free When Your Partner Is Infected And How To Decipher The Herpes Myths?

How To Ensure You Stay Herpes-Free When Your Partner Is Infected And How To Decipher The Herpes Myths?

You are seeing someone exclusively and they have confided in you that they have herpes. At first it was definitely a shock but you love them and want to stay together so you know there are steps you need to take to ensure you do not contract herpes. There are also many myths about herpes […]

How Do I Know How Much Water I Need To Take In Daily?

How Do I Know How Much Water I Need To Take In Daily?

You’ve heard all the health tips in regards to drinking water and how much: ‘drink 6-8 ounces of water a day’, ‘drink a gallon of water a day’, ‘drink water until your urine is clear’ and you’ve also heard ‘don’t drink too much water it can over work your kidney!’, ‘don’t drink water until your […]