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Know all about Staph Skin Infection

Know all about Staph Skin Infection

Skin infection is a common problem if you ignore basic hygiene. It can be irritating at the least and cancerous at the most. One such skin problem is staph skin infection. Staph, or the actual term Staphylococcus (plural Staphylococci), is a form of bacteria that often exists in healthy people without breaking out its germs. […]

sarcoptic mange in canines

Sarcoptic Mange in Canines – All you need to Know

Sarcoptic mange also known as canine scabies is a very communicable skin disease usually found in dogs which is caused by the Sarcoptes scabei mite parasite. These microscopic mites burrow through the skin of healthy puppies or dogs causing intense irritation and itching. Variety of skin problems and intense hair loss is also caused by […]

common skin disorders that flare up in summers

5 Most Common Skin Disorders that Flare up in Summers

Summers are not just a difficult time due to the heat, sweating and humidity but also because they bring along a host of medical conditions and skin problems. From blisters to pimples and from rashes to bumps, summer definitely comes along a long list of irritating skin problems which can sometimes be hard to treat. […]

need to know about buruli ulcer

All You Need to Know about Buruli Ulcer

What is Buruli Ulcer? Buruli ulcer is also known as Bairnsdale ulcer or Daintree ulcer or Mossman ulcer, or even Searl ulcer. It is a chronic skin disease and involves the soft tissue. The disease starts as a painless subcutaneous nodule, and over a period of time (usually a couple of weeks or even a […]

home remedies to treat warts

Useful Home Remedies to Treat Warts

A wart is a local growth on skin, rough and small in size that resembles a solid blister or cauliflower. Usually warts are seen on hands and feet; however the growths can also be on other parts of the body. The cause of warts is a viral infection, specifically the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are […]

scalp ringworm

How to Treat Ringworm Infection?

Ringworm is a kind of fungal infection that affects the skin, hair and nails. There are various types of fungal germs that can cause this infection and some of the common infection includes ringworm of the skin (tinea corporis), scalp ringworm, ringworm in the groin (tinea cruris), foot (athlete’s foot) and nails. Treatment options Ringworm […]

Apple cider vinegar

7 Ways to Treat Melasma

Every woman on this earth wants a flawless and spotless skin as it gives you confidence and makes you feel better from within. But what if your skin develops certain brown spots or blue-gray spots on the face? You will obviously panic a lot. Well, such spots are a result of Melasma.  Melasma brings you […]

Dry Scalp Remedies for Men

Dry Scalp Remedies for Men

Dry scalp is a very common problem for men and although this is a harmless condition, it can cause a lot of irritation and annoyance to those who suffer from it.  Dryness in the scalp may lead to dandruff which might fall on the skin and cause skin problems as well and hence a dry […]

What are the Types of Skin Pigmentation Disorders

What are the Types of Skin Pigmentation Disorders?

Skin pigmentation is one of the most common skin problems which are divided into many categories and types. The pigmentation of the skin can occur at any age or any stage in life and most of these skin problems are practically harmless. In fact most of the types of skin pigmentation disorders are treatable as […]

Removing Those Pesky Dark Spots on Skin

Removing Those Pesky Dark Spots on Skin

Many people have had to deal with the problem of dark spots on skin in the past, and it is definitely something that can be hard to remove in some cases. You need to think about what could be causing these dark spots before you take any action because not everyone is going to have […]