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surgery for obstructive sleep apnoea

Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is a very common type of apnoea which is characterised by recurring pauses in breathing during sleep. Excessive day time somnolence, apnoea, restless sleep and snoring are common manifestations of sleep disordered breathing. For treating this condition many surgical and non-surgical interventions have come to light and have shown great results. Symptoms […]

pros and cons of eye surgery

The Various Pros and Cons of Eye Surgery

Eye surgery or LASIK eye surgery is a process or surgical procedure which involves the correction of sight so that people do not have to wear eye glasses or contact lenses any more. This is one of the most popular eye correction procedures in the world and is becoming increasingly popular. While the benefits are obvious […]

laser hemorrhoid surgery

Pros and cons of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids are vascular structures that are present in the human anal canal and helps in the control of stool. When these structures enlarge and become inflamed and swollen, the medical condition is termed as piles and can be really painful. There are various treatment options for hemorrhoids and if the condition is not very severe, […]

cosmetic surgery for internal bra

Cosmetic Surgery Too Far- The Internal Bra

A new cosmetic surgery procedure dubbed “the internal bra” has been the subject of debate recently after the UK press and online community questioned whether the procedure was too extreme. The procedure involves attaching silk straps to silicone cups and then screwing the straps on to the patient’s rib cage, literally hoisting the implants up. […]

trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia: An Overview

Unless you’ve been diagnosed with trigeminal nerualgia, you probably don’t know much about this chronic, painful condition. And though this illness is rare, it can lead to a number of complications, which disrupt daily life and affect overall health and wellness. Keep reading to learn more about trigeminal neuralgia, including information on symptoms, causes, treatment […]

cosmetic surgery negligence

Legal Expert Anticipates Government Recommendations Will Reduce Instances Of Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

A solicitor specialising in cosmetic surgery litigation believes the recommendations made by Sir Bruce Keogh, who led a government review into the safety of the industry, can improve patient safety and lead to less cases of cosmetic surgery negligence. As the Healing Foundation and BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) announce the launch […]

Different Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Different Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Surgical correction or restoration of a particular form or function refers to plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is also commonly known as cosmetic surgery. The procedures of plastic surgery have nothing to do with the term “plastic” and it refers to reshaping and remoulding of tissues. There are various types of plastic surgery procedures which correct, […]

Demand For Designer Vagina Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Soar

It has been reported that there has been a sharp rise in demand for labiaplasty cosmetic surgery in the past 12 months driven by increased consumer awareness making it the third most popular body enhancing procedure. Labiaplasty surgery, also referred to as the ‘designer vagina’, is usually performed under general anaesthetic. Shortening or reshaping the […]

What are the Health Risks of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

What are the Health Risks of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

Have you ever considered getting a cosmetic procedure done? Do you know about the various health risks of a cosmetic plastic surgery? If not then you might be interested in knowing that there are several side effects or post operative effects of a cosmetic surgery and some of these effects might be so severe that […]

The Various Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

The Various Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

For any person who is losing hair at an excessive rate, hair transplant surgery might seem like a really attractive way since it helps you face the world once again with confidence and of course more hair! But are you aware of the various side effects of hair transplant surgery? Yes, sadly it’s true that […]