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blue waffle infection

What is the Blue Waffle Infection?

The blue waffle infection is the informal term for an infection that is recently discovered in medical instances. To put it simply, it is an infection/ disease that affects the sexual organs/ body parts of the individual. However, the disease is curable with proper medical care and attention. The disease occurs most commonly in women […]

the lotus pose

Yoga Poses that Helps in Conception

When you are yearning to get pregnant for months and years and failure is always the result f or once, try out the most natural and safe way to get pregnant through Yoga. Yoga has always been a miraculous way out to evade most of the health issues and it helps in infertility as well. […]

healthy regime for your feet

Healthy Regime for your Feet

They are your feet that act as your platform and help you move; so it is important that you keep your feet healthy and in good condition. But some of you may attach the least importance to your feet because of they are covered in shoes. The body weight stands on your feet for the […]

back pain during pregnancy

How to Cure Back Pain During Pregnancy

More than 70% of the women experience mild to severe back pain during pregnancy and it is very common. Pregnancy hormones that are the secreted bring fatigue at the joints and muscles and this is one of the causes of back pain. However, the weight gain during pregnancy is also a reason for back pain. […]

Thin vs. curvy – where should a woman stand

Thin vs. curvy – where should a woman stand?

It seems like the world is increasingly waking up to healthier lifestyles and body shapes, though not the ones we may have expected to see only ten or 15 years ago. It seems that a number of celebrities, as well as the ideals of beauty, have shifted more towards curvy bodies than outright thin. Bigger […]

What Is “Wrongful Birth

What Is “Wrongful Birth”?

We’ve all heard of wrongful death through negligence and so on, but recently a Wrongful Birth suit was awarded $2.9 million in damages. The claim made by the parents was that they suffered as a result of misdiagnosis during pregnancy, which was upheld by the court and damages were awarded. Importance of prenatal testing The importance of […]


5 things to think about before undertaking breast enlargement surgery

The subject of plastic surgery is no longer taboo in many countries. In fact, many people are now open about the lifestyle changes that can be brought about by various advanced cosmetic surgeryprocedures, with breast enlargement being one of the most popular. It is important, however, to never take cosmetic surgery light-heartedly, as like any operation it […]


Facts About Frequent Urination in Women

Frequent urination in women is a burdensome symptom that one could ever experience. For busy people, the need to frequently urinate is a bothersome situation and becomes a disruption to one’s daily tasks. In order to address a specific condition related to frequent urination in women, one should first be aware of the etiology of […]


Endometriosis Treatment Options

It is estimated that between 5 to 10 percent of women of reproductive age may have the condition known as endometriosis, which is characterized by the abnormal growth of endometrial cells (which normally grow in the lining of the uterus), outside the uterine cavity; most typically the ovaries. Though there is no actual cure for […]

yeast infection home remedy

Yeast Infection Home Remedies You Can Count On

Vaginal yeast infection affect three out of four women. It is caused by the Candida albicans fungus. In the vagina, yeast are present. However, their growth is controlled by the acidic environment in the vagina. Sometimes, the vaginal wall cannot maintain its acidity level because of menstural period, douching or certain diseases like diabetes.  When […]